Friday, February 28, 2014


went to Cawayanon, Bukidnon with my family to visit and pray at Cawayanon Church which made us
miss Mommy Gina again. I will always remember how faithful my mom is to our Father Almighty
and how sincere she is as a devotee of Sr. Santo Niño, Immaculate Conception & Our Lady of Lourdes.

here's my photo when dad told me to have a photo with the cow on my back.
obviously, I WAS SO SCARED! HAHAHA! #Awkward

anyway, here's what I wore.... and too late I realized I was not wearing any make-up! BOO!

top - Artwork , skirt - Pretty Fix , bag - SM Parisian , flats - Camino


hi my dear readers & friends! here's another photo diary of mine last Saturday! happy to spend
the night with my much missed college friends. and just to let you know, we call each other
as "besh" and or "bitch." I don't care! I love them! :DDD

first, we had fun at this very cute display in Centrio! despite the massive crowd that day,
we really did took photos of each other in there! HAHA! here's just some of those! :)

now this photo is a must laugh! looks like they're looking for some anay(termite)! hahaha!

then we went to Wat Ever in Corrales to eat and drink. Corrales is actually the most famous street
in CDO if you want a night-out with your family and friends. 
as always, so much laughter with this set of friends! we tease each other like there's no tomorrow. I swear! hehe...
hey Madonna! XOXO!

have a happy weekend everybody! :)

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


and for the win! I love Centrio for having Poinsettias as their display!
they're just too beautiful that I can't resist having some photos with them! hehe... :D

top and denim shorts - PRAFFA , bracelet - WAGW , vintage bag , ponytail  - Goody , shoes - GMall

Friday, February 14, 2014


hi everybody! here is my Valentine's-Day-special post! the past few years, I don't wear red
when it's Valentine's cause I find it too redundant  for a person to wear that color of clothing 
but here I go! decided to wear this red dress just to feel the hearts day! hehe... excited to
celebrate this day with my family. I miss my mom. I hope she's celebrating right now with
our Lord in heaven. #sigh :D

feeling sexy with this dress! yay! hehe :)))
FAB dress, red bracelet from HK, gold and earrings bracelet from Broadway Gems, wedge from SW


Thursday, February 13, 2014


My favorite hang-out place when I talk about bread! BreadTalk was actually originated in Singapore
and had outlets in so many countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, ThailandPhilippinesVietnam
and more. To be exact based on the nearest branch from my place, it's located in Centrio (Ayala Mall).

don't you just love big spaces for places like in BreadTalk!?!? :)))
with one of my worst friends ever, Clark. :P
listing of something no need for me to mention. lol
I don't know why but I'm in-love with the cinematic effect I used on this photo of mine! :D
mine: Christmas Red Bean filled with real beans :)
Clark's: Standard Sausage
Clark's: Rock  Rocky Milk

Hurry! come and visit to the nearest BreadTalk branch from your place! :)