Friday, March 29, 2013


really didn't know what to title on this post not until I remeber Daniel Padilla singing "If I Fell"
by The Beatles last Sunday as his surprise serenade to the beautiful Kathryn Bernardo.
I thought the song was just sooo sweet!

as you can see, I looked like a runaway bride in my gown. HAHA! anyway, here were my solo
photos during our graduation ball last Saturday @ Pearlmont Inn at CDO. loved the idea of
getting a vintage look from the gown up to the hair & make-up! I must say Jona (the
seamstress who created my gown) did a very wonderful job on my gown! the entire design of
my gown was actually my idea. hehe...

lakas maka Carmina-Zoren nung mini cherry blossoms! hehe..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Last Saturday was definitely a night filled with fun and unforgettable moments of mine
together with my classmates and friends in college! spent the night for our Graduation Ball
with a masquerade theme! we did a lot of crazy things like we've never done before!!!

a close up solo of mine I took while just sitting down w/ my table mates. had my make up
done at Rollie's Beauty Salon located @ El Salvador City :) 

just ate right amount of food during the dinner. didn't want to do gluttony since the event
was formal. hahaha!

nakakaloka! my classmate Aiko Java was one of the scene stealers of the night!
she worn a very sexy and reaveling gown then ramp like Anne Curtis!

Jennifer(in flesh), Janice(in red) and Jessa(in pink) were my dates that night! they were
the sweetest girls! so much fun when I'm with them! there's no running out of words at all!

inside the hotel elevator and our room after the party... 

more pics from our room...

"feeling like a Royal Family" pictorial after the party...

I know! I looked like a bride on my gown but haha! naloka ako sa reaction ng karamihan!
I rocked on my gown daw like a Kate Middleton! LOL!

with a new but very good friend "Pong" :)

after the party, went to DeKalsada(a funky type of bar.. haha) and there's where our silly
and more crazy doings started! if you just know what we did! hahaha!

indeed, totally enjoyed the night and that's definitely one of the best days in my life!
yay! can't wait for our graduation naman! hehe :)))

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Sorry for not posting any fashion look since the last 12 days guys! really been busy on our
portfolios in school since I am a graduating student so I really don't have enough time to look
for an outfit to present here on my blog. Anyway, so here's my look yesterday after checking
my handled students' projects in handicrafts. went to aarcade in Limketkai and definitely
enjoyed the night with some of my college friends! :)

Sky Noble sheer top , WAGW tank top , VENUS shoes , Ace leggings ,
Broadway Gems earrings , TB bag , BUBBLES necklace & spiked bangle

Saturday, March 16, 2013


after accompanying some of my college classmates in different gown stores for their gowns
on our grad ball, went to Centrio w/ them and had an apparent pizza trip. went to Mooon café
and tried two of their pride pizzas.

loved how the ambiance of the place was lakas maka Mexican! Mooon Café has one of the coolest
restaurant settings I've ever seen. at bongga! their prices are affordable!

oh suncooler! you were sooo sarap that di kami nakatiis at muntik na naming maubos bago pa
na serve yung pizzas! eh kayo ba naman maghintay ng 20 minutes, diba? hehe...


so here are the pizzas we ordered:

1. Karnes
Assorted cold cuts of beef salami, italian sausage, ham, bacon slices, onion rings
and green olives, topped with mozzarella cheese. it tasted sweet pero tama lang.
kaya naman we loved it agad agad :)

2. Bacon & Mushroom
A duet of bacon and button mushrooms, combined with mozzarella cheese. well, medyo natabangan
kami sa lasa pero okay naman. btw, I love mushrooms! :)

the two photos above this caption figures how full we were after noisily devouring the
pizzas! tinamad bigla? hehe...

truly, Mooon Cafe is a perfect place for groups of people who wanna enjoy food tripping
in a very affordable price! in short, it's worth the visit. rate for it? 4/5 :)

Friday, March 15, 2013


so bakit nga ba ako nahumaling sa KFC Streetwise? and when did it all started?

when I got in college, it's a normal thing that at times, I get to eat outside the school with my
classmates and other college friends. I've tried different favorites from different fast food
restaurant chains and now I can say that KFC is indisputably my most choice among them all!

despite it's a world class, KFC never failed to offer menus that's just enough for such
budgeting students like me. and that's what we call #KFC #streetwise kaya naman
I felt sooo kilig nung nalaman kong my "(imaginary.. HAHA!) boyfriend" Daniel Padilla is
#KFC #streetwise 's official endorser! ahem ahem! teehee :D

so here are the  #KFC #streetwise we ordered:

 my besh Kristeele chose "flavor shots." at P50.00 only, may kasama nang drinks.

I had chicken fillet burger w/ drink for only P50.00.

then, I chose an "add on" of fries for only P20.00.

oh frienemy appetite of mine! please stop tempting me and wishing to see my body like hell big! HAHA!

I swear! my company, besh Kristeele Joy handed me three small full containers of gravy!
she just knew that I am crazy over gravy! hehe...

the damage has been done after 20 minutes. hehehe... :P

everyone, meet my cute chinita besh, Kristeele Joy :)

the dinner w/ besh was totally fun! she had me laughtrip whenever she ask me not to
upload our video dancing Harlem Shake w/ two of her classmates! HAHAHA!

until next time bebehs! :)