Thursday, October 31, 2013


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TAHO ftw! our family loves taho!

dress - Sky Noble , bag/clutch - SW , shoes - SW , bracelet - Wear Mauve

family picture after the mass. we miss you Mommy Gina. we love you!

Carmen bridge near the city's Cathedral

Monday, October 28, 2013


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top - MF find , pants - Ace , shoes - Mignon , bag - vintage express

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


here's my simple look during the Tanduay Rhum Rockfest Year 7 @ Pueblo De Oro in CDO
last October 11, 2013. I super duper loved my top! feeling American high school girl. hehe...
about the title, Raspberry Girl is a song of one of my favorite bands ever, CHICOSCI, who was
also present during the rockfest and they even played it on that very very night which made my
heart beat faster! I swear! ;')))))

buzzed? HAHA!

top - MF find , pants - Ace , shoes - Mignon , bag - vintage express

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


@ Pueblo De Oro CDO !

I remember my reaction when I first saw this big big big billboard, I was like "OMG! Chicosci is coming
to TOWN!" hahaha! then dad was such a #basagtrip to say "you really think I'm allowing you to watch
that wild kind of event huh?" GRRRR! but of course, he was just kidding! just to really make me
pikon! HAHA! :P

October 11, 2013. A date I will always remember cause I had so much fun listening to a lot of
cool and awesome OPM(Original Pilipino Music) songs sang by some of the hottest and most
respected bands and singers here in our country, Philippines. On its 7th year of offering free
rock concert, I am so happy, proud and definitely lucky of my 2nd Tanduay rockfest experience!
damn it! The night was filled with insanity because of the crazy crowd and yes I was one of
them! HAHA! I don't know how many people exactly went that night but I assume there were
like 5,000-10,000! I swear! Thanks to my father for allowing me and my brother(who's not
in any of the following pictures because he was with some of his college classmates and friends)
to attend that very special event here in our country! Believe me! Up to now, I still have that beloved
term "HANGOVER" in me! It's because of the memorable things I did on that night with my
closest friends in college! Oh God! can't wait to share to you about it so here it is!!!! :D

the TANDUAY balloon ... na nakaharang ng konti sa paningin namin mula sa stage.. #BasagTrip
anyway, I was so happy cause we had the Press/Sponsor ticket so we had the most special
and near area from the stage. thanks to my cousin's boyfriend who gave us free tickets since
he is working in Tanduay! HAHA!

here were mine and Rachel(like a real sister)'s selfies during that night. we were each other's
date cause our other friends got the VIP tickets. In short, we were luckier than them. HAHA! :P

Jay Contreras( w/ his band Kamikazee) made the crowd laugh a lot! he was so funny! very playful!
also Gloc 9, Philippines fastest rapping rapper, had me more amazed seeing him rap in' person
with all his poetic and superb hit songs!

above photos were Chito Miranda(of PNE), Miggy Chavez(of Chicosci), Gloc 9 & Tutti Caringal
(of 6Cyclemind) singing their most popular songs that made the crowd gone wild! YAY! :D

LOCA! GOOSEBUMPS! that's what I felt when all the band vocalists and solo artists sang
together "ISANG TINIG" which is Tanduay Rhum Rockfest's original soundtrack!

ang pinunta kong banda among all the performers, CHICOSCI! I swear! when they came out
to the stage, I was like I wanna collapse! well I'm sure a lot of teens nowadays don't know them
that much yet but hey! they're a sure point of interest when you talk about musicality of bands!
I have actually a lot of favorite songs from their band!

as I've said during my recent ootd post Raspberry Girl, Raspberry Girl is a song of one of my favorite
bands ever, CHICOSCI, who was also present during the rockfest and they even played it on that
very night which made my heart beat faster cause I'm not just in-love with their band but also
because Miggy Chavez, their vocalist, is my long time crush now. HAHA!
Trivia: when they played their songs, I really sang too with all the correct lyrics which made
the stranger guys on my back admire(humanga/hangaan) me! charot! #FeelingLang&Proud
maybe they think that was cool of me for being able to memorize boys rock band songs. LOL!

my facial reaction when I saw CHICOSCI especially Miggy. HAHA!
ooops! say hi to the girl on my back who I think is pretty!

when Chito came out, the crowd went wild. let's admit it. yes. he has 2 viral private videos  right
now but who the hell cares!? Not unless you're not a real fan. I mean duh! He is Chito Miranda
and he is the vocalist of the probably most respected band of their generation, Parokya Ni Edgar!
those videos will never make him  a smaller person at all because indeed he has earned so much
of our respect since the day their band started to perform for their fellow Filipinos.
 I remember when he said "sa lahat ng mga hindi nang-iwan sa ere, maraming maraming salamat po!"
and after that he sang BULOY! Gosh! who won't get emotional with that!?

thanks to one of Tanduay's staff from last night for the free mocha-T5 drink! I was lucky
cause he only chose few people to offer that free drink. yes, I was lucky. LOL! then we
became friends. hahaha! just kidding

my mouth's selfie after drinking the free drink. #weirdoooooow

01:30am. the crowd while watching the fireworks which means the rockfest has successfully ended...

after the show, Rachel and I had Jennifer(in green) again! her ticket was a VIP kaya hindi namin
siya nakasama sa front. hehe.. also bumped to a very close friend of mine, Christine(in yellow)
with her sister Christmi(wearing eyeglasses) and her boyfriend.

the stage after the show.


rode on Christian's car and created laughter in there even if Christian's guy companies were
a little bit formal. yes, Jen, Rachel and I? we are not formal. we really love to laugh, laugh & laugh!
HAHA! I also want to thank our dear friend Janice Banguis for letting me sleep on her place dahil
ayaw na ni daddy na bumiyahe pa ako pauwi sa amin. wala na kaseng sasakyan papunta sa amin
kapag lampas 12am na.


p.s. ----> check out my video of this event HERE. :)

Saturday, October 19, 2013


that rare moment when I first used this top after I bought it last year of December! #WalaLang
hehe... I remember I got this top cause it was on a super super sale! this Folded & Hung top is perfect
for simple women out there who are comfortable with simpler looks but still wants to look classy.
don't worry guys! I'm an anti-social at times.. #justsaying hehe... anyway, back to my look, matched
it with my gold necklace which has a touch of some bright colors just to give a different flavor to
my top. oh diba!? perfect for office girls din out there! so here it is! :)

P.S. sorry not sorry for not wearing make up cause I got lazy on that day. hehe :P
note: evening-outdoor quality of the photos ;'(

I should know everyone knows her! she's a love-love-love! :)

top - F&H , pants - Ace , bag - Guess , accessories - Aizilym , old gold flats - Venus