Friday, November 21, 2014


(my first BB experience)

after visiting its official facebook page and hearing some of my friends' comments,
I've always been curious about the place. I'm always excited talking about food trips!
last week, my chinita friend Joy and I went to Backyard Burger which is located
at Corrales street, CDO. she told me she's been there already and loved the burger
she ordered for herself which made me think I should really try a burger from there.
as we entered, the first thing I noticed was the really cool combination of set-up. a saloon
and horse yard. yeah, I think so. HAHA! so okay, here it is.

a small yet cute "back bar" in there where they display only few of what they sell.

JOY and me :)

my face when praying "I hope I can totally devour it cause it's quite big. HAHA

I ordered Japanese Oishii burger and it was satisfactory, though its seaweed nori was
quite spicy for my taste. hehe... naaliw din ako sa beef patty which has a similar taste to
chorizo. I love the black sesame bun! masarap! yay! :)))))

I personally think burger+beer is a perfect combo :)

Joy had Garshroom Bacon burger and she said it was GOOD! it's so funny me asking
to have some of her burger's mushroom. oooops! I love mushroom kase. hehe :P

WE ENJOYED IT! Thank you Backyard Burgers! we'll definitely get back in your place! :)

For info, you may call or text them here; 09232416260 or 09399240776

Friday, November 7, 2014


HAHAHA! forgive me at ngayon ko lang to ipinost! Alam ko alam ko alam ko!
This SDTG shirt is to die for (CHOS! just kidding..)!  got this shirt after our block screening of
She's Dating The Gangster @ Centrio months ago! If you only know gaano ako kinikilig
while writing this post! LOL! anyway highway, bout my spiked shorts... would you believe me
if I say it's been on my cabinet for a year already and I got to wear it only now? I KNOW!
I'm at my weirdest na nga siguro! hehe... but I'm really super happy to match this shorts of
mine with my SDTG shirt! also still kinikilig with my new pair of RB sunnies! yay! :)))