Monday, September 29, 2014


is "fifteen" my age? nope. HAHA! but that's how I felt when I wore this when I went to Ozamiz
last August with my family. FIFTEEN which was a Taylor Swift song was part of my 18 favorite
(that time) songs in my CDs which served as my giveaways when I celebrated my debut
celebration 4 years ago. anyway back to what I wore, felt like so happy and cool wearing it!
all pastel colors! the feeling's so light! nuks! ;)

old top (I guess.. hehe) , bag & shoes - SW.pants - PRAFFA , bracelet - random find @ Centrio
and btw, here's my video of our Ozamiz Trip last August! enjoy! hehe ;)

Saturday, September 20, 2014


now this outfit is definitely an ideal one if you are to go to any music festival! right!?
it's funny how I've always wanted to wear this and it's now only that I had the chance
to wear it. HAHA! here's what I wore during the Kapamilya Caravan held at the Beacon Area
of SM CDO in celebration of CDO's Kagay-an Festival! and OMG!  it was the KATHNIEL
who were there to give KILIG and FUN to all the Kagay-anons and all the people who went
there to see them! probably, some of you are know that I love them! now can you imagine
how I shouted and a little bit cried when I saw them?! YAY! and the most KILIG part!?
that's when they sung GROW OLD WITH YOU together! para akong mahihimatay sa kilig!

oh please! don't forget to visit SUNNIES STUDIOS' official facebook page! their sunnies
are to die for! CHOS! plus that fact Georgina Wilson is the owner of it! Aaaaaaaahhhhh! :)))))

I love my KICKS! like oooooohmyyyyyyyyyygaaaaaaaaaaaah! HAHAHA! :PPP

top and shorts - praffa , sunnies - SUNNIES , shoes - KICKS (available @ SM)
belt and braid leather bracelets- WAGW , vintage bag
hi po manong RTA! hahaha
happy I got to spend the day with these girls: Ricca and Louissa :)
KATH! KATH! KATH!  huhuhu!!!!!

so anyway, here's my such-a-blurred-video of them. Whilst KathNiel were performing,
I was just shaking and speechless and crying while taking the vid. HUHUHU! Chos! :D

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


if only the Philippines is not a humid tropical country! I'd definitely love to wear outfits
like this one whenever I go out like when I hang out with my family and friends!
unfortunately, sa Baguio at Tagaytay lang uso ang malamig na panahon! BOOM! HAHA!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


when my mom was still alive, our family used to go to Ozamiz to get and visit to Cotta Shrine
and pray to the Virgin of Immaculate Concception. even if we don't have Mommy Gina
anymore physically, we still see to it that we continue the value of going to Cotta to pray and
thank for all the blessings we experience as a family. last August when we went there again
with dad's elder sister's family.
first selfie with Daddy Dondon... hehe ;)
wish you were there with us Mommy Gina! we love you sooooo much! :*****
I obviously had fun. LOL
found this street food cart right outside Cotta Shrine! YAY! :)))))
until we meet again OZAMIZ! :)