Thursday, July 24, 2014


(3-in-1 post... haha!)

because I've badly had layers of drafts on my dashboard, here I go again.
publishing 3 set of posts in 1 time. oh please forgive me! LOL!

                      1. LIKE AN ACTION ..... BABE ?

I don't know why but this is probably one of my favorite posts here on my blog for this year!
feeling like an action star-slash-action babe. ano raw ? HAHAHA!

                      2. MAMAMA MY TYPE!

and oh btw! say hi to my messy hair! parang napadaan lang eh! noh!?!? HAHAHA :P

BELLE floral top , WAGW chic bracelets , SW shoes , PRAFFA shorts

                        3. LED KTV & BAR

here's just another nightlife suggestion for people who'd like to come at CDO!
who wouldn't love to be here!? such a cool place right? the first ktv & bar in CDO
that has LED LIGHTS in some small chairs which makes the place cute! HAHA!

the following photos are courtesy of or should I say are the ones I grabbed from  LED hehe...

and just to make you react like "nakakaloka! mapapamura ka sa mura! HAHA!" here are their room rates!

SEE!? so if you're FROM, NEAR or PLANNING TO GET TO CDO and wishing for a great
nightlife experience, don't forget LED KTV&BAR located @ Corrales Street, Cagayan de Oro! :)

Friday, July 4, 2014


I just turned 22 last June 23! OMG! I just want to spell it like twenTEENtwo! LOL!
although I have to admit, first birthday without my mother is definitely making me
not totally happy. but thank God, I still have my family with me on that special day:
my Daddy Dondon, brother Noynoy and baby sister Powkitah... :)

Spent dinner @ Tsinoy's with them. it's actually our first time there and I must say
it's a new favorite eat place of mine (agad2x! haha) because of its great ambiance and
really good service crew especially the waiters and waitresses! they deserve great
recognition. :)