Friday, September 28, 2012


Indeed, being present throughout our university intramural 2012 was totally worth it!
well generally I had see to it I'm able to do enjoy to the fullest with my classmates especially
that I'm on the 4th year of college, graduating. Everything I witnessed on the intramural was fun
or I must also say that more students participated for the event compared to last year's.
so lemme share those stuffs on dates Sept. 18-22 to you fellas! :)

day 1 started w/ the cheer dance competition. every stunts and exhibits from different units
were truly well thought and flabbergasting.   our unit which is CPSEM(college of policy, study
education and management) won the 3rd place :)

hindi pinag-usapan but Rachel, whom we(her college classmates) call Yaya #WalaLang, was my date!
everyone knows how I love her so much!

truly astonished by this unknown woman. why? because of the tattoo she got on her back. I don't know why
but tattoos are just really revealing and comforting zones for me. I remember once I shared to my friends
how I wish to have a tattoo.

day 1 ended by crowning the MUST's Mr. & Ms. MUST 2012 and Mr. &Ms. Intramural 2012.
I must say I'm so proud because Ms. MUST 2012, Precious, is from our unit which is again CPSEM.

more random photos during the first up to the last day of the intramural.

the MUST intramural 2012 ended w/ a victory party where students waited for what we call DISCO!
yay! hahaha! and this has been my post for my final college life intramural experience.
I hope you guys had fun looking at the photos. God bless! :)

Sunday, September 23, 2012


      For my followers to know, I LOST MY CAMERA last night after attending our intramural 2012 closing. Well, whoever got it, I hope he has enough conscience to look for me, the owner. I believe my solo pictures were still there when I lost it. To make it short, with that, I'd probably not be able to blog posts with photos taken with my own camera. However, I'd still see to it that I can posts some stuffs that makes sense or would have even just a tad bit of your interest. Actually even before I lost my cam, I got to save some pictures here in my laptop(THANK GOD!) and as soon as I can, I'd hopefully have it posted here in my blog. I hope you understand my situation. Thanks and God bless us all!   ;) #SmileThoughYourHeartIsCrying

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


just another school day, went with this "peaceful(I must say)" garb wearing my new accessories from Wear Mauve and Bubbles.

can't help but laugh when a classmate of mine made a crack by saying "you must be from a baptism. so you're probably the ninang!"

here's just a picture of me inside our classroom with this implausibly pa-elegant look close up. hehe. . .

top - BMS , jeans - Levi's , necklace - Wear Mauve , bangle & neon bracelet - Bubbles ,
shoes - Empress , earrings & ring - Aizilym

Sunday, September 16, 2012


Went to Gaisano Mall last Saturday night w/ my family (except for my brother who was
having his outing w/ his friends) after my class. bought some personal stuffs for ourselves
and before we got out, happened to visit Gaisano's newest store VENTE! the place was so
cozy and cool especially that their walls were filled w/ light blue wallpapers!

Vente doesn't literally mean all the prices in there is 20php but at least 20php! what  I
noticed was that most of their products don't go beyond 50php, ASTIG! and damn! how
could you say "no no" to buy something from their store every time you get there!? from the
kids' choices of assortment up to the youths'? WAAAAAH! here are few photos of what their
store got that caught my attention! 


 and more earrings! 

here's a saleslady who obviously got alarmed by me taking photos in sly in there. HAHA!
anyway, cool sunnies and "pa-kyut lang" eyeglasses costs only P50.00!

pony tails and other hair ties... something I need na ngayon since my hair is growing quite fast :)

other girl stuffs and the kids' toys at the right side!

 earrings, bracelets and bangles... kaloka! very affordable yet  conspicuously fashionable!

my baby sister who said "stop that (taking photo of me) ate!" #BasaganNgTrip anyway, I
think the man you see in this photo is the owner of Vente..

mom paying at the cashier... can't wait for you to see the sunnies I bought in Vente! yay! :)

come and visit VENTE! there's a lot to see that emphatically would satiate your eyes!

Friday, September 14, 2012


if you have noticed, my white top was like a "playboy's bunny girl inspired"  top.
I thought that was really a fit that somehow helped create a curve on me.

P.S. ->> midst the photo editing I just realized about that SH*T mark above me. hehe

pony tail - Broadway Gems , flats - Limketkai , pants - LJ4F , belt - Ace
Cardigan - LJ4F , earrings & Greek beam necklace - Aizilym

I swear! my pony tail from Broadway Gems is ouchless! galing diba!? yay! :)

Monday, September 10, 2012


For the first time, I am posting something unusual. lemme just share some tidbits of of what
happened to my Saturday LAST SATURDAY - although I know some of you might say "the
hell I care w/ what you did last Saturday." HAHA! #EhSaWalaLang :)

this first two pictures goes to show how bored we are with our EdTech2 class activity. why?
it's because we really had a bad time doing our LibreOffice(another form of Microsoft Excel)!
nakaka NGANGA! hahaha! so help us God. LOL!

here's Angel w/ me doing our own version of a mini photo booth haha...

me, myself and I doing goofy stuffs

and this is what I'm talking about! our LibreOffice activity! during our activity,
we were all like zombies in the class. ;(((

anyway, here's me on pony tail again w/ my Broadway Gems' :)

after the class, went to divisoria and bumped w/ this hot brave woman, a friend of mine,
named Irene and ended up went to a near small bar in the city of golden friendship :)

and yeah right! we went to La Bairre! a small bar that's so "patok" to a lot of youth!
anyway. didn't took a lot of pictures in there aside from the following:

and that's it my dear loviiiies! hope this post of mine won't make you unfollow my blog.
HAHA! until next time! God bless us all!  :))) 

Friday, September 7, 2012


 what I wore during our washday this week. happy and as always felt comfortable wearing
one of my favorite polos partnered with skinny jeans and flats for a change cause I'm quite
tired of using heels and wedges.. hehe.. #WalaLang

so my Tita Grethel, daddy's younger sister, saw this bracelet of mine and quoted;
"nice! where did you buy that!?" HAHA!

top/pants - BMS , bracelet Broadway Gems , earrings - MAGS
flats - plaza fair(limketkai, CDO), belt - Ace , vintage bag

Monday, September 3, 2012


top - GAP , shoes - Empress

Aizilym bracelets set

SM Accessories hair clip

MAGS earrings

Aizilym neon rings and bracelet
( sorry if I didn't get to have a focus pic of it cause I forgot to! D: ) 

Aizilym Neon Lines&Balls Necklace