Friday, September 28, 2012


Indeed, being present throughout our university intramural 2012 was totally worth it!
well generally I had see to it I'm able to do enjoy to the fullest with my classmates especially
that I'm on the 4th year of college, graduating. Everything I witnessed on the intramural was fun
or I must also say that more students participated for the event compared to last year's.
so lemme share those stuffs on dates Sept. 18-22 to you fellas! :)

day 1 started w/ the cheer dance competition. every stunts and exhibits from different units
were truly well thought and flabbergasting.   our unit which is CPSEM(college of policy, study
education and management) won the 3rd place :)

hindi pinag-usapan but Rachel, whom we(her college classmates) call Yaya #WalaLang, was my date!
everyone knows how I love her so much!

truly astonished by this unknown woman. why? because of the tattoo she got on her back. I don't know why
but tattoos are just really revealing and comforting zones for me. I remember once I shared to my friends
how I wish to have a tattoo.

day 1 ended by crowning the MUST's Mr. & Ms. MUST 2012 and Mr. &Ms. Intramural 2012.
I must say I'm so proud because Ms. MUST 2012, Precious, is from our unit which is again CPSEM.

more random photos during the first up to the last day of the intramural.

the MUST intramural 2012 ended w/ a victory party where students waited for what we call DISCO!
yay! hahaha! and this has been my post for my final college life intramural experience.
I hope you guys had fun looking at the photos. God bless! :)


  1. looks like lots of fun! Intrams in my school started really early, it was last June..

    1. thanks Steph-G! mukhang hirap nung june na june intramural na... hehe..

  2. How I miss college instramurals! We don't have cheerdance in MSUIIT anymore. It was replaced by Mardi Gras, which is like a celebration of the different festivals in the Philippines. :)

    1. yay! I think that's also exciting.. I can imagine how students present their costumes. napaka colorful pa naman ng fiesta sa Pilipinas! :)