Monday, September 10, 2012


For the first time, I am posting something unusual. lemme just share some tidbits of of what
happened to my Saturday LAST SATURDAY - although I know some of you might say "the
hell I care w/ what you did last Saturday." HAHA! #EhSaWalaLang :)

this first two pictures goes to show how bored we are with our EdTech2 class activity. why?
it's because we really had a bad time doing our LibreOffice(another form of Microsoft Excel)!
nakaka NGANGA! hahaha! so help us God. LOL!

here's Angel w/ me doing our own version of a mini photo booth haha...

me, myself and I doing goofy stuffs

and this is what I'm talking about! our LibreOffice activity! during our activity,
we were all like zombies in the class. ;(((

anyway, here's me on pony tail again w/ my Broadway Gems' :)

after the class, went to divisoria and bumped w/ this hot brave woman, a friend of mine,
named Irene and ended up went to a near small bar in the city of golden friendship :)

and yeah right! we went to La Bairre! a small bar that's so "patok" to a lot of youth!
anyway. didn't took a lot of pictures in there aside from the following:

and that's it my dear loviiiies! hope this post of mine won't make you unfollow my blog.
HAHA! until next time! God bless us all!  :))) 


  1. Hitting the bar is fun sometimes. So much fun in the photos. ^_^

    1. awww thanks momma mina! and yes so true! Hitting the bar is fun sometimes lalo na kapag galing sa exhausting activity sa school.... hehe..

  2. i have the same circular shades! :)) just noticed!

    1. yay! that's so cool of us! haha! :))
      have you followed my blog already? I follow back!

  3. Augh. Microsoft Excel confuses me. How much more the open source version. :(

    Anyway, I've always wanted to visit Cagayan's night cafe. :) I wish I can someday.

    1. oh we feel the same way! huhu ;(

      surely you'll enjoy Cagayan's night cafe! there's a lot to see and experience in there especially the Chicken proven( )! HAHA!