Friday, August 31, 2012


(something I worn to school cause I had a hard time or yeah actually was a little bit tired in checking out what to get in my closet. I chose a sleeveless top just to feel more comfortable since CDO has been experiencing too bad hot weather condition since last month.)

top - LJ4F , pants - Levi's , earrings - Broadway Gems ,
Ring - Girls Are Weird , bag - Apt. 9 , shoes - Venus , belt - Ace

Monday, August 27, 2012


chosen nail polishes. violet for my hands & black for my feet :)

the ugly truth before the polishing process.. hehe

the beautiful outcome :) 

Sunday, August 19, 2012



The Cagayan de Oro Hotel and Restaurant Association (COHARA) presents KUMBIRA 2012, a culinary festival featuring various food and beverage competitions, cooking demonstrations by experts in the food industry, and trade exhibits on Hotel and Restaurant Equipment, Supplies and Services.  
 It aims to promote healthy competition and camaraderie among the different hotels and restaurants, hotel and restaurant schools as well as, elevating the standards of the culinary industry in the region.  The event will also feature the various skills, artistry and creativeness of the food and beverage practitioners and students through competitions.

(the following pictures were mobile uploads)

with classmates-slash-friends Shiela & Cecilia

congratulations Monster Kitchen! good job!

 w/ the girls + Cecilia's bf Emman

 Now on its 16th year, COHARA’s KUMBIRA again holds the MINDANAO CHEF WARS, a regional competition for professional and student teams to represent Mindanao in the CHEF WARS NATIONAL COMPETITION during the “FOOD SHOWDOWN 2012.”
Indeed, Atrium was such a cozy place to make the event possible! the settings were perfectly great and no room for boredom at all. Be mesmerized and amazed with how the event will satiate your eyes. :)

Friday, August 17, 2012


top/pants - BMS, earrings - MAGS, shoes - Empress,
bag - tory burch, ring - Girls Are Weird
sunnies - bought in a small stall in Limketkai Center

Monday, August 6, 2012


as promised, here is my post for my post 


 JUST DO IT simply because during these shots, I was a little bit tired thinking what to do with myself w/ all those stuffs you see in me, I mean on this post. Thanks to my photographer  Robert Oguimas for helping me work it out. damn! he was such a good fashion stylist! it was never awkward for me whenever he moves my cardigan to help me created different ways to wear it. I'm that comfortable having him as my photographer-slash-stylist HAHA!

can I just say? thank you Robert! for making me look so thin in this picture! good shot! HAHA! P.S.-----> I don't photoshop pictures :)

I love this pair of shoes of mine!

McDonalds pose....

whuuuuuuut? :)

neon top - WAGW
cardigan - LJ4F
pouch - F/X
accessories - Aizilym
shoes - JL

Saturday, August 4, 2012


yesterday, I went to SM-CDO accessories to find some goodies to enjoy. As always expected, SM accessories surprised me even more with their flossy, cute and lovely collections. Here are some pictures of what to see in there!

Toni Gonzaga for SM Accessories. SPOTTED!

SM accessories is also on sale in the loop! yay!

who wouldn't want to buy such cute, colorful pouches right!?

famous blogger Camille Co for SM Accessories. SPOTTED!

oh yes! I found myself SPOTTED! hehe

those metallic accessories are timeless!

the charming and ever jolly Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla for SM Accessories. SPOTTED!

after an hour of choosing, of course, got to buy some hair accessories. so what are you guys waiting for? hurry! go to your nearest SM branch now and see the bests of SM accessories that they can offer to you because just like their song, "here @ SM! we got it all for you!"

also check out this official page :)