Tuesday, September 24, 2013


hi everyone! here's an outfit that definitely seems to be my favorite so far since
I started blogging! the combination of a chill denim polo with a copper shade of
brown top and ferociously red skirt (which seems flirting HAHA!) inside and a
red spiked heels! gosh! why did I had the idea of wearing something like this
just now!? YAY! :)

why do I feel like sexy in this photo??? hehehe. . . #WalangBasaganNgTrip

feeling like a Kate Moss hollywood model pose............................. CHAROT!

top - MF find, skirt - Casablanca, quite overused polo - Giordano, heels - SW


Friday, September 20, 2013


in my 2 years of blogging, some of you have requested for me to give a little tour of what I have
inside my bedroom. unfortunately, I haven't cleaned my space enough for you to see especially
my bed. HAHA! but of course, I'm thankful to all of you for following and appreciating my blog
even if it looks messy at times. HAHA! but before that, take a look at some of the stuffs you can
find inside my bag.

1-20 arrangement: damaged usb, my camera's battery charger, MAC eyeshadow, Victoria'sSecret lipstick,
Nichido eyeshadow, card reader, camera connector, Etude House pressed powder, Ray Ban sunnies,
hair puller for my UA haha!, EB eyeliner, Nivea Cream, Hello Kitty coin purse, Mupirocin cream,
Oriflame extra comfort cream, new cologne from Bath & Body Works, hair clip from SM accessories,
house & bedroom key, latest but invalid ID(haha!)/my 4th year college ID last semester before I graduated,
cellphone, book I'm reading nowadays, Paris matte lipstick,  ponytails from Broadway Gems and ponytail-like
but actually bracelet to prevent  to avoid dengue. just last month, my niece was confined after being hit
by that infectious tropical disease but thank GOD she's now okay! :)

my only bag from Guess and I can't wait to have my second one! hehe... mom bought me this two years ago.
I miss her sooooo much! ;'(

also my camera na hindi ko nasali sa bed since it's what I used to take the photos. :)

and in 3, 2, 1 ... my accessories! :)

I have 2 drawers. the upper contains all my underwear and the lower contains
all my accessories. you see? I'm not so good in arranging.. hehe. peace! :P

my chaotic shoes. I know! I should be keeping it in order ASAP!

I have three shelves in my closet. at the top are my denims and thick fabric of clothes and pants,
at the center are my shirts and shorts and at the bottom are my blouses, spaghettis, tank tops
and all the other sleeveless. Hopefully, I can have another closet to transfer some of it. :)

Shortdress, Blouse &  Blazer  in one cabinet. hehe... :)

Thursday, September 19, 2013


it's actually the first time I went to Naicha. the branch I went to is located @ Centrio Ayala Mall.
although there was already a branch of it near our school, I never got to visit in there. I am so
happy with the experience!

the menu :)

I tried the Caramel Milk Tea, one of their Asian Milk tea and I must say I was so satisfied with
its taste. I chose to have 100% sweetness of it and fortunately I liked it! the taste of the caramel
and the cream on it had me satiated! I LIKE! (y) yay! :)

the place was okay. comfy enough for me to stay for an hour :)

It really saddens me whenever I see teas that aren't finished off or totally consumed. sayang eh :(

the blurry selffie. boo! HAHA! til next post sweeties! :*

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was so happy to witness another special and heart-filled art exhibit  last August @ Lim Ket Kai Mall!

yay! now that one is creepy! ;///

these were the following paints I had to collage kase sobrang rami lang! hehe...

say hi to my big face. uhrg!

after  looking at all those wonderful paintings, I really got thirsty so I had to search
for a perfect cooler and tadaaan! I found one! yay! :)

I tried one of their best sellers which is Black Forest and definitely I had so much fun sipping it!
Although its sago wasn't that much chewy. hehe... but talaga naman! its taste was reinvigorating! :D

and oh! look at those prices! soooooo affordable! that must be crazy! o_0