Monday, September 9, 2013


After we attended our friend Alma's wedding, I went to Centrio with one of our closest friends ever,
Christine. I told her to try the newly opened Happy Lemon with me.

Christine had a large Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese which she rated 4/5.
she thought it was just okay, I mean the flavor. she wasn't so impressed or maybe
she's still not used to its taste. hehe..

 I had a large Milk Tea with Black Pearl Sago which I rated 4/5 too.
The first 3 sips were like yuck to be honest. I thought I was drinking an old person's coffee.
In fact, the smell was unpleasant for me. But I think my tongue got used to its taste the
following sips. I guess I chose the wrong flavor. better luck next time to us.

one thing I hated about the place is that they only have 2 tables and 5 chairs available for their
costumers. they should know that most people who drinks tea prefers to sit while sipping it
rather than holding it while walking whether it's hot or cold.

anyway, just for an outfit post, here it is. say hi to my mobile uploads because my camera's
battery got so empty! uhrg! hehe...

forgot to take a focus of my necklace but here's a photo I have wearing it on the same day
on a different outfit.
top - F21 ,  bag - Amanda Smith , wedge - SW , necklace - Aizilym


  1. You look lovely!

  2. I'm not a milk tea person but I definitely love Happy Lemon's Cocoa RSC! :)

  3. That place looks very...well, it looks happy :) Good name :) Too bad about the seating, that's just silly. Really glad you included those 2 pics of you at the end. Always enjoy seeing your outfits and those wonderful legs. You look so beautiful!

  4. I love that necklace and the drinks look really yummy!


  5. So nice place and I like your necklace



  6. Mmm... delicious. I like that outfit! Bag is the best :) I'm waiting for new post. Kisses :*
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  7. I LOVE milk tea! I hope I see this brand in Cebu :)