Thursday, September 19, 2013


it's actually the first time I went to Naicha. the branch I went to is located @ Centrio Ayala Mall.
although there was already a branch of it near our school, I never got to visit in there. I am so
happy with the experience!

the menu :)

I tried the Caramel Milk Tea, one of their Asian Milk tea and I must say I was so satisfied with
its taste. I chose to have 100% sweetness of it and fortunately I liked it! the taste of the caramel
and the cream on it had me satiated! I LIKE! (y) yay! :)

the place was okay. comfy enough for me to stay for an hour :)

It really saddens me whenever I see teas that aren't finished off or totally consumed. sayang eh :(

the blurry selffie. boo! HAHA! til next post sweeties! :*


  1. I have always appreciate the efforts and creativity of design we have in Philippines. Just like this one. I wonder if I have heard about Naicha but right now I can feel I am craving for it!

    1. Naicha is actually from Taiwan and first started selling here in our country for the first time in December 2010 from its main store located across Royal Duty Free mall.

  2. Would be so cool to try some different types of those teas. Big fan of tea and would be curious to sample new flavors. Great pics, sweetie :)

  3. Bangkok has a lot of similar places, I am always stopping for bubble tea when I'm there!