Monday, December 31, 2012


well if you're from the Philippines and you're a Filipino with (even just a little bit of) pagiging
chismosa't chismoso(hehe), probably you will know Ma. Dolly Anne Carvajal.
I remember, once she shared on a show (I can't remember which specific show)
that she got her name because of the set-up of her being born.
everything daw was "ma-dali-an." Aaah! kaya pala! hehe...

the only reason why I chose her name to be this post's title is because the outfit in here
was also a big "ma-dali-an." nyahaha.. last December 29, mom just told me to prepare myself
for a last minute shopping in SM and that we will be leaving in a few minutes
and I was like "what am I gonna wear!?" oh yes, I panicked... BOO! haha..
so to make things "ma-dali-an," I just had to get my red pants and simple quite-loose polo jeans
unmindful of how I'm gonna look. fortunately! I think I looked nice.
I mean, didn't look OOF(out of fashion) because I found the collaboration of the two
(red pants and simple quite-loose polo jeans) looked great on me.
and I think I can say the outfit was also inspired by the famous Karla Deras. hehe... #char

top - Giordano , pants - GMall , shoes - Venus

Wednesday, December 26, 2012


one thing I'm excited about when Christmas is near is that I get to receive gifts
from my beloved kinfolks. hehe... in my father's side, it's been our tradition to have
Christmas party every year and this time, I am so lucky to receive this cute, soft-hued pastel
sheer top from an auntie, Mommy Ilde! a day after our Christmas party for this year,
we went to Limketkai Center and watched SISTERAKAS which is part of the MMFF!
anyway, so here's my outfit for that day! :)

nye! sorry for that cellophane I was holding in that photo!
Went to Exquisite boutique to buy a Christmas gift for my mom.
also, I put in there my gift for my dad which is from WAGW. hehe..

and yes, when I knew it has a touch of pink since it was peach, that's when I realized
I'm liking pink na rin pala... hehe.. the top was also from Sky Noble.
notice my single gold ring w/ an alexandrite gemstone which my mom gave me two years ago.
Precious in my heart! :)

tad bit over used neon bracelets of mine.. hehe

so cute that I matched it with my neon butterfly necklace!

of course as expected, SISTERAKAS was an over all supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
(used as a nonsense word by children to express approval or to represent the longest word in English.)
funny and kalokang kilig movie! LIKE EVER! aside from its comical intention to the madlang people,
my primary reason to watch it is because KathNiel was there. NAMAN!
babe Daniel Padilla was there w/ his love team and good friend Kathryn Bernardo! teehee... :P 
w/ cousin Ate Ai who is such a JulieElmo fan! kung alam niyo lang! grabeeee! HAHA!

w/ these two cute girls! my niece LuAnne(left) and cousin Niña(right)...

still want to watch One More Try and El Presidente! yay! :)


after the Christmas Eve, my entire family members went to sleep. actually, we're more awake
during New Year celebration. hehe... and since I don't wanna get KJ for myself that time,
I decided to take pictures of myself in out sala, oh by the way! here is a GOOD NEWS! I just got my new camera!
WOHOO! thanks to my Mommy Gina for buying me a SONY DSC-W610 as her Christmas Gift for me!
Mom knows how I need a camera for my occasional and blogging purposes! She really loves me! *I cry* ;)
anyway, so here it goes, my pictures for Christmas Eve and now allow me to say let me be your

shorts - WAGW , top - Sky Noble , necklace - Fab&Fit , flats - Plaza Fair, Bracelets - Aizilym

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I know! it's been 2 weeks since my last post here in my blog. this time, lemme share to you
new stuffs I got and another addition in my closet for the months November & December.
anyway, before I start that, here's the first picture that shows a hint of the print of my not
so-used shirts & formal tops.

so here we go!

another top(the gray one) from WAGW, blue shorts by LJ4F and mala-senyora hat from
Broadway Gems . . . 

necklace from Aizilym & bracelets from Belle Vous

green belt from GMall & the white one from WAGW. the white is actually paired w/ the
metallic oriental shorts.

some tops by LJ4f
and from the bottom of my heart, I wanna say THANK YOU to all my beloved sweet  blog
followers for understanding me for not posting for 2 weeks. This is due to my busy schedules
in school because I am graduating and I just have to be so much focused on being an S.T. or
Student Teacher in my 3rd year college class. I'm actually handling Handicrafts now.
promise to make bawi soon! :)

anyway, here are some of my vain photos from December 19-20.. just making you see I'm okay.
#WalaLang nyahaha!

super loving my "mala-senyora hat" from Broadway Gems! nakaka vain talaga! hehe. . .

and here are my other random shots :)

❤ ❤  XOXO! ❤ ❤ 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

(featured by Lavia Jampit for the month of December)

for the first time, I'm posting my own "featured choices" but hell yeah I can't promise I can do this every month. HAHA!
anyway, WAGW was the first clothing line that came into my mind upon the decision to feature since
I am a fan of the coolness that they got as a fashion store. It's amazing how versatile they are
to get to the metallic looks from the colorful ones. Whenever I wear top/s I bought from WAGW,
people tell me "hey! you're  a chick on that!"
and so here it is! ENJOY! :)

definitely loving those oriental-metallic top!

the accessories that mesmerizes every girl in pastel and metal!

those cute sporty and hippy shorts!

of course! the aztec/modern tribal tops! gah! I wish I could buy them all! hehe. . .

so what are you waiting for!? hurry! and shop @ WAGW now! XOXO! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2012


(warning: the following photos you'll see are mobile uploads. hehe)

went to Iligan & Bacolod Lanao del Norte last Friday, Holiday since it was Andres Bonifacio Day,
with my entire family. so here's some of the photos my brother's phone caught. :)

Bacolod Highway near their public market

Picop, Iligan Highway

#Yesterday #VanityMode #TouristInIligan

champagne which was given by a friend of my dad..
para sa dad ko at di para sa akin.. hehe

and so here's what I wore last Friday. wanted to look a tad bit vintage.. hehe..

top & shorts - LJ4F, bracelets -Broadway Gems & Belle Vous