Monday, December 31, 2012


well if you're from the Philippines and you're a Filipino with (even just a little bit of) pagiging
chismosa't chismoso(hehe), probably you will know Ma. Dolly Anne Carvajal.
I remember, once she shared on a show (I can't remember which specific show)
that she got her name because of the set-up of her being born.
everything daw was "ma-dali-an." Aaah! kaya pala! hehe...

the only reason why I chose her name to be this post's title is because the outfit in here
was also a big "ma-dali-an." nyahaha.. last December 29, mom just told me to prepare myself
for a last minute shopping in SM and that we will be leaving in a few minutes
and I was like "what am I gonna wear!?" oh yes, I panicked... BOO! haha..
so to make things "ma-dali-an," I just had to get my red pants and simple quite-loose polo jeans
unmindful of how I'm gonna look. fortunately! I think I looked nice.
I mean, didn't look OOF(out of fashion) because I found the collaboration of the two
(red pants and simple quite-loose polo jeans) looked great on me.
and I think I can say the outfit was also inspired by the famous Karla Deras. hehe... #char

top - Giordano , pants - GMall , shoes - Venus


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    1. thanks blackberryfashion! Happy New Year too!
      God bless! *XOXO* :)

  2. RED PANTS!!! Haha, Happy New Year dear! :)
    anyway, I just replied to your comment regarding my shoes. You might wanna read it. hehe

    Rae :3

    1. hehe.. thanks RaeAbigail! happy new year too!
      will check the link! :)