Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bienvenido 2013! Próspero Año Nuevo!
Welcome 2013! Happy New Year!

greetings from our family!
(L-R) younger brother Paolo, Daddy Dondon, Mommy Gina, younger sister Powkitah & yours truly

the 13 fruits :)

my fave among the 13 fruits. GRAPES!!!!

our simple preparation. also, the foods & desserts that weren't put on the table when I took the photo were:
mango float, tuna pasta, leche flan & chocolate moist(which my mom baked)... hehe.. #WalaLang

it's been our tradition every Media Noche to drink a little amount of water where petals of a rose is put.
I don't know why we do it but my father do.

outside our house, we watched different fireworks of different neighbors and my brother
took this candid shot of mine. lurveeet! :)

and all the photos I took to catch firework moments were all failed. BOOM! haha...

w/ my ever hardworking mommy! MWAH!

younger yet big brother Paolo. just had to post his close up solo photo too and he doesn't even know
I'm gonna do this. I just loved this photo of his.

and my solos.... hehe. worn simple yet still ladylike outfit in welcoming the New Year :)

shorts - GMall , top - Sky Noble , shoes - Empress


  1. for our 13fruits I placed a bag grapes on the table..HAHA. 13peices of the same fruit!

    1. it's really us Filipinos' tradition to have 13 fruits!
      I think that helps somehow cause we get to eat all those
      after the Media Noche. hehe

  2. the 13 fruit still alive! tradition! wishing you and your family a good year ahead!

    1. naman! still alive! thanks SunnyToast! :)