Friday, January 25, 2013


so it was my first time to eat in Plato Plato(specifically, in the divisoria branch).
a fast food that offers meals in such very affordable prices.

of course, they also have different dishes aside from those you see on their menu.

here's what I ordered. although I was really hungry, happy to say that I got full naman
sa inorder ko. hehe...

that big tarpaulin you'll see outside their place. telling you how affordable their prices are :)

by the way, I was w/ Clark. as you can see, he's busy reading. whut? reaction papers with
regard to him from his handled students in P.E. 

our good friend Jon successfully and fortunately happened to reach us for dinner! when he came,
we had even more so much fun! the cutest! HAHA!


  1. Replies
    1. HAHA.. thanks blackberryfashion!
      will check your giveaway then :)

  2. Yum! Looks delicious. I love seeing different cultures food - when I went to Thailand I was in absolute HEAVEN.

    1. yay! I have always wished to get to Thailand someday!
      thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

  3. wow! so affordable, sana may fastfood chains na ganyan sa school ko.HAHAHA!

    1. naman! kahit pabalik balik pa, kung marami namang klase ng ulam
      at ganito ka affordable, ayyy! worth it sis! :)))

  4. Hmm.. the concept is obviously very pinoy..pero they call their meal "bento" which is a japanese word. hahah! But its really super affordable! Especially their rice bowl! Perfect for a person like me who can't eat much.

    1. nahalata ko rin yun. hehe.. baka kase yung lalagyan nila katulad sa tokyo tokyo.. HAHA