Saturday, October 27, 2012


so last Tuesday, after I and my classmates finished our interview for our JEEP
(Job Enabling English Proficiency) subject, we went to our unit office to make tad bit of chika
with each other. Eventually, we had this so called "apparent fashionistah-friends
photoshoot!" the entire picture taking was such a fun! and laugh trip to add!

here's my daffy picture w/ the ever gay Dante who (obviously in the picture)
scolded me for not listening well on his/her(lol) instruction for my next pose.
I think this is one of our worst pictures ever. HAHA!

"the photoshoot!"

(L-R) Irish, Flordelisa, me, Donna

this is one of my fave in our pics :)

candid one...

I guess I'm so nganga here. HAHA! w/ Irish...

With JON who was my leading  photographer-slash-director in my solo pics.
will post those in my next post!

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Lately, if you noticed, I have been engaging myself to neon and I am just so loving it!
I think it started summer of this year. Neon accessories are just so cute and cool!
Actually, it raises your garbs' impact higher. One thing that best describes neon
is that it catches the attention of the kids. I know, some of you might wonder like
"what's up with the kids so?" hehe... Personally, I get more happiness when kids,
like my baby sister, recognizes whatever I am wearing on whenever: The ATE Feeling
(to be recognized). yeah right! Neons the bright colors and bright colors are kids'
favorite! Anyway, here are some of the Neon accessories I got as of today, October 20, 2012 :)

the following were mobile uploads . . .

and those were my collection of neons as of today, October 20, 2012!
can't wait to use some of my other neon accessories and do poses for those!
until my next post..hopefully! bye guys! XOXOTCGB! :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

PICTURE PERFECT : Challenge 101

So as a part of our class requirement in #EdTech2, we have to post any picture perfect for each one of us.  The day it was announced, one thing that immediately came into my mind was my family! I must say cause I am proud to say that God has been so great to me for giving me such a loving family who never failed to delight each day of my life. Definitely, they are my unstoppable ancillary. Without them, my life would be as miserable as the worst mess in the world!

Friday, October 5, 2012


the next two photos were from Robert Araneta Oguimas's camera...

aztec top - VK Couture, sunnies - Vente, flats - Boardwalk, bangles - Bubbles ,
leggings - Ace,  necklace - Aizilym