Sunday, March 22, 2015


This is official! I am happy to announce and celebrate that I have reached my 200th post!
OH GOD! it feels so great and I feel so overwhelmed that you guys are still here visiting
my blog and making it a part of your weekly habit (or kahit monthly lang... hehe)!

so for my fourth and fifth ootd post for this year, I'd like you to meet my "dream baby!"
HAHA! my red shoes from Zanea! never thought I could still get to buy it after months
of seeing it at the mall! probably my first gift to myself for year 2015. di halatang love na
love na love ko siya kase I wore it twice in just a week. hehe... :P

with my cute nephew, ZACH :)
 my pretty sassy sister POWKITAH (just a nickname.. hehe) :D