Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Last week was  a fun for me, my siblings and cousins after having an outing and we spent it at
Taytay Iligan Pool! the place was really cool enough thinking it was in the middle of the field!

the entrance was just literally simple...


so as you enter the gate, here's their path leading you to their big view of their pools.

the smaller pool is for the kids. if I'm not mistaken, it's 3 feet while the other and bigger pool
which was intended for the adults raises from 5 to 7 feet.

pool which is intended for the adults

They really offer cheap prices of cottages! we had the biggest cottage in there for only
P800.00 and we were 40 people in there! The other swimming pools would usually offer
from 1-2 thousand right!? also, individually, our entrance fee was only 25php! if you go to
Iligan's most famous pool Timoga, the entrance is 60php per head.

Monday, April 29, 2013


so that awkward moment when you forgot to remove your shorts wearing a high-low skirt? BOO!
blame it on me so I'm sorry! ;( anyway, here's one of those I worn during our cousins-outing
last week at Taytay Iligan Pool.

top from Sassa and high-low skirt from SW.
earrings from Broadway Gems and a Havaianas slippers. 

nyahaha! just a blurry capture from my cousin's cam.. notice that I'm actually wearing a 2-piece
kind of swimwear and and I just had to wear shorts since the pool really had a lot of people
that time and I think wearing shorts there is understandable because it's not a beach.
say whuuut!? HAHA!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


it's been a couple of year since I started actively posting here on my blog and only now that
I am posting about our place(El Salvador Misamis Oriental)'s pride. The Divine Mercy Shrine!
did a visit few days ago w/  my dad and brother again to pray for mom's wellness and betterment.

bought 7 of these colorful candles which represents the different needs in every human
being's prayer. 

if I am not mistaken, as far as I know, the Divine Mercy Shrine here in El Salvador is the
tallest Divine Mercy Shrine in Asia :)

dad and brother ..

notice that I didn't really take a picture of myself inside the shrine because I wasn't feeling well.
sorry ;(

okay fine. so here's my one and only photo inside the shrine and obviously I was in a hurry
when I took myself this tad bit close-up photo because dad and brother were already
walking few steps away from me. I swear! I tried my best to smile. hehe...

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


here's an #ootd I wore last Sunday when I went to Iligan with my family. spent the
weekend right by praying for mom's wellness and betterment.

(warning: mobile uploads for this post only.. hehe...)

top - Giordano , shorts - GMall , shoes - Mignon ,
spiked bangle - Aizilym , earrings - Broadway Gems

just an awkward capture of my 7 year old baby sister.. :)

so here's my newest pair of shoes! so much glad my dad liked it! of course! shoes like this
pair I got used to be so cool during their era(era talaga!? HAHA!)...

Sunday, April 14, 2013


April 13, 2013 .. A day of fun  for a very great reason. DanielRocksCDO & KaDreamersCDO
celebrated it's very first anniversary as a fans club uniting to spread the love for
Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo! so  April 13 of last year when DJ went to SM CDO and
performed to promote their upcoming show Princess And I. That day also, 9 girls from CDO
decided to create a fans club to show love for their idolized young love(rawr! haha!)
DANIEL JOHN FORD PADILLA also known as Daniel Padilla!

the tarpaulins we had :)

cake no. 1 for DRCDO :)

cake no. 2 for KadsCDO :)

we had T-ice for our drinks.

2 of the admins, Leony and Mara, who were so funny and friendly enough to entertain us and
make us feel comfortable the entire moment!

natawa ako sa sarili ko! so as new members, we had to introduce ourselves and when it was
my turn, nanginginig pa ako at first but ended up quite laughing for a forgotten reason. HAHA!

the admins sharing about their DJ experience last year. I must say, ma-a-amaze ka talaga
sa stories nila how they did everything just to be w/ DJ last year! well, kahit ako, magiging
willing naman talaga to do everything just to be w/ MY babe! Rrrrotch! HAHA! peace girls!

then we had few games which Mara again led.

we had the biggest size of pizza from BFB or Big Flat Bread and it has 4 flavors!

btw, we held the anniversary party @ WatEver ...

ayun! di namin naubos ang cake at ang pizza sa dami! kaya we decided to do the BH(bring home
/take out) thing! HAHA! :P

the beautiful mess! HAHA!

Indeed, I had so much fun! it was really such a great thing to find and build new friendship
with these girls whom just like me, loving DJ more and more each day!

P.S.! Tita Karla Estrada, DJ's mom, was able to give us a message through phone after one of
the admins, Jade, contacted her! nakakaloka yung feeling na kinilig ako kahit si tita lang
nakapagbigay ng mensahe! yung feeling ko, mom-in-law ko na ang nagsasalita!? HAHA! eh
lahat naman yata kami doon ganon ang feeling! HAHA! unfortunately, busy daw si DJ that
time pero his handler promised naman to let DJ know that we are celebrating something
here in CDO for him and for Kath! good thing! hehe...

Sunday, April 7, 2013


here's what I wore last Saturday during my cousin's graduation @ MSU-IIT at Iligan..
2 hours of travel from our place, El Salvador, wasn't that bad cause we really had fun  at
Iligan! anyway, going back to the title, my cousins were so funny to say that I stood out with
my OOTD because of my glossy top. haha!

LJ4F top , GMall belt and shorts , Broadway Gems earrings ,
SW shoes , mint green bangle given by a cousin

trying a KathNiel face pose .. hehe..

we really had fun doing the dougie thing in the middle of msu-iit road. haha!

with my cute niece LuAnne/Ate Aia from a cousin, Nanay Kling2x! grabe! futuristic model
din tong pamangkin ko! #proudmuch