Thursday, October 23, 2014


here's a post to the apparent night out I had with some college friends of mine after the intramurals
closing in our university last September 27!

the first 5 photos were taken at my dear Alma Mater, Mindanao University of Science & Technology. :)

ate at an à la carte with this chinita besh, Kristeele!
me, Popong, fons & Kristeele :)
then we saw AIRA! she was with her boyfriend who happens to be one of the fliptap battle
contenders on that night in the school. it's so funny how I told her "when the battle begins,
don't you ever listen to them or else you'll get hurt for your boyfriend!" HAHAHA!
noel! a.k.a. Hut Sala . yes, because he's also a fliptap rapper. nuks!


then we went to GAMBA...

on our way to Corrales, riding a rela...
my friends' first idea was actually LED but unfortunately, the place was already totally crowded
even at 8pm still. so we decided to go to the next idea of place which was just 50 steps (I think so)
from LED. we went to GAMBA, just beside Ranch 99 which is an eat-all-you-can outlet! yay!
GAMBA seems to be a modernized saloon because it primarily serves liquor.
what's weird with GAMBA? their music! I was expecting reggae and rock songs since the
ambiance of the place looks like more-for-boys but when we were there, all I heard was love
songs. I told you so! they're quite weird. HAHA!
my fave part of GAMBA.
what I hate about the place? their "comfort room!" wala man lang tubig para mag flush
ng toilet bowl! eww diba!? that's just so displeasing and discouraging of them. :(
just another fun night... looking forward to more night outs with a lot of my college friends! :DDD

Saturday, October 11, 2014



I'm always the happiest whenever I get to wear simple and basic outfits!
NO ONE would ever love to go loca over thinking of what to wear and what to pair, right?
now these simple oufits of mine will explain what simplicity is really is. CHOS. Har Har ! ! !


ooops! it was windy kase eh. hehe...




allow me to apologize in advance because the following photos comes with different filters 
(or effects). I'm absolutely inconsistent just in this post. LOL! remember the first time I wore
my top?  I love the idea how a pastel floral sleeveless top makes a good taste and story when
you match it with a high waisted denim shorts and cute flats! the feeling is so good! hehe... :)