Monday, June 29, 2015


it was a pretty sunny afternoon when I finally had the chance to take two of my closest
friends in college in a not-so-new cafe, IZZY'S CAFE, after a year of not seeing each other!
it was our first time to visit the cafe "together" so we thought it's gonna be exciting and fun.

the carbonara with shrimp and mushroom was absolutely my favorite! napalakas nga ang lamon
ko eh! LOL! I suddenly remembered my mom's admirably delicious version of it. awwwp. ;')
a little bit disappointed with their fries that was too oily and easily gets crushed. :(
the oreo crepe had me drool-in-love! CHOS! hahaha
 with Cecilia and Karene with her baby girl. wished we were complete though.   :)
Karene's daughter is too cute not to take a picture with! uhrg! hahaha
#selfie #literal #AnoPaNgaBa LOL!  :P  :P  :P


(Sometimes, it feels great to pretend I have the curves. HAHAHAHAHA!)

I am grateful that I got to spend summer in some sort of sexy way (although I was never
really sexy... HAHA!) like I've always wanted. CHOS! 2 weeks ago, I spent the last week of
my summer 2015 with my family & relatives in my father's side @ Moog where a hidden
beautiful beach awaits you! totoo! sobrang ganda! almost like Palawan kaso lang there's no
any rock formation there.

I actually wore two-pieced swimwear just to present here on my blog. BWAHAHA!
nakakaloka! di ko rin ma-imagine yung sarili ko noong una. whatever, here are the
photos! confident eh! palibhasa di nakatingin ang daddy ko! sana lang walang
ma-disappoint. HAHAHA! :P :P :P

spot the airplane! yehey! HAHAHA! with Ate Gagang(cousin) in this photo :)

thanks to my cousin Niña for taking my photos! :)