Wednesday, April 24, 2013


it's been a couple of year since I started actively posting here on my blog and only now that
I am posting about our place(El Salvador Misamis Oriental)'s pride. The Divine Mercy Shrine!
did a visit few days ago w/  my dad and brother again to pray for mom's wellness and betterment.

bought 7 of these colorful candles which represents the different needs in every human
being's prayer. 

if I am not mistaken, as far as I know, the Divine Mercy Shrine here in El Salvador is the
tallest Divine Mercy Shrine in Asia :)

dad and brother ..

notice that I didn't really take a picture of myself inside the shrine because I wasn't feeling well.
sorry ;(

okay fine. so here's my one and only photo inside the shrine and obviously I was in a hurry
when I took myself this tad bit close-up photo because dad and brother were already
walking few steps away from me. I swear! I tried my best to smile. hehe...


  1. what a beautiful place. I hope you feel better dear!

    1. Thanks Steph-G! I'm okay now but we're still praying for mommy's wellness. Thanks again! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks blackberryfashion! And thanks for the concern! XOXO! ;)

  3. I've been here once. It was sooooo breath-taking! Hope your mom will be well soon. :(

    1. Thanks to that Ile! We all really pray mommy gets well soon lalo na at birthday niya this April 28! ;( and yes! The shrine is really breath taking :)))

  4. I hope your mom gets better, Laviña. :)

    1. thanks michymichymoo! can't tell you what's happening
      with my mom right now but I just want you all to know
      that I am so touched for all your concern for her ;)