Friday, April 5, 2013

a day of ending and beginning

April 03, 2013 was definitely the happiest day of my life as a college student because finally
that was my graduation day! The day I have always been looking forward to since 4 years
ago after I graduated in high school @ St. Joseph Academy in El Salvador Misamis Oriental.
Well, I had the mixed emotions that day because I know for a fact my mom can't be with me
on our graduation venue since she was still confined at the hospital due to her liver problem.

Honestly, I had the thought what if I don't come to the graduation since it's kinda not
exciting to attend that special day if mom can't make it there. But that changed. My relatives
were just soooo supportive for me not to feel incomplete that day! They really tried to make
me feel better which indeed touched my heart ;)

And this is it my dear followers! here's my post about the happenings during my graduation
day last Wednesday! I hope you enjoy the following photos which figures my feelings of
triumph and elation! :)

05:45am, on my way to Atrium, Lim Ket Kai with dad(who drove our car),
siblings Noynoy & Powkitah..

during the baccalaureate mass .. beside me is my father, Daddy Lucio a.k.a Dondon ..

some picture2x w/ college classmates and BESHes/super-sweet-friends after the "hooding.."

and more picture2x! hehe...

I'd like to thank Nanay Kling2x(in blue and white stripes) and Ate Conde(in white dress and
multicolored stripes.. hehe) for being such sooo sweet doing my mom's part for that day since
she can't make it to the event.. kung alam lang nila how overwhelming that was to me! ;)

at the graduation ceremony after marching down the aisle. sorry! notice how my toga hat
was dirty. hehe.. I was really not taranta to clean my  toga stuffs before the graduation day!
okay, now that was so G-R-R-R-R of me, right? hehe...

after the graduation ceremony..

daddy, noynoy and powkitah with me .. really wish Mommy Gina was there ;///

my siblings in ka-buang and ka-busog.. HAHA!

Daddy Lucio .. I will always be a daddy's girl  no matter what! ;)

I really meant this post! if you noticed, at times I can also be weird! hehe...

mom's confined pa at the hospital so went to her right after the grad ceremony..
I love you mom! mwah! ;)

kaloka! like half of my entire cousins were there to show their undying (charot!) support ..

thanksgiving after the graduation...

with Ate Ai .. my ally in fashion and in showbiz world chikas! hehe...

definitely, the entire day was great and a success! thankful how I feel completed after
receiving my diploma! the feeling of fulfillment was unexplainable!

P.S. (padagdag post.. hehe) .. I did my own make up since I wanted to be hands-on on myself
for that very special day! I opt for a simple make-up which was just enough for me to look
presentable to the madlang people. HAHA! so here were the make-ups I used.

Etude House foundation(from Ayala Centrio) , MAC cream eyeshadow (I used the white and
silver) , EB eyeliner (I'm really not comfortable using the liquid one.. hehe) and also a pink
pastel nail polish for my pedicure and manicure. :)


  1. congrats! I really hope you're mom will be ok soon. Even if she isn't there. I bet she's really proud of you.

    1. thanks Ile! and yes! mom's better now! she's out of the hospital na last Thursday.. awww ;)

  2. Congratulations!! I hope your mom feels better na :D

    1. thanks Steph-G! mom was discharged the day after my graduation!
      nasa bahay na siya't inaalagaan namin ;)

  3. wow ! Love it maam.. soon mo graduate nami pod :D :*

    1. yay ka! thanks for dropping by here on my blog Myla!
      wa ko nag expect! hehe.. thanks again! :)