Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I was so happy to witness another special and heart-filled art exhibit  last August @ Lim Ket Kai Mall!

yay! now that one is creepy! ;///

these were the following paints I had to collage kase sobrang rami lang! hehe...

say hi to my big face. uhrg!

after  looking at all those wonderful paintings, I really got thirsty so I had to search
for a perfect cooler and tadaaan! I found one! yay! :)

I tried one of their best sellers which is Black Forest and definitely I had so much fun sipping it!
Although its sago wasn't that much chewy. hehe... but talaga naman! its taste was reinvigorating! :D

and oh! look at those prices! soooooo affordable! that must be crazy! o_0


  1. That exhibit looks amazing. And I so enjoy how you laid it out, so cool and colorful. My favorite shot is you by the painting. A beautiful flower next to beautiful flowers. So gorgeous!!!

  2. what a love!