Saturday, August 4, 2012


yesterday, I went to SM-CDO accessories to find some goodies to enjoy. As always expected, SM accessories surprised me even more with their flossy, cute and lovely collections. Here are some pictures of what to see in there!

Toni Gonzaga for SM Accessories. SPOTTED!

SM accessories is also on sale in the loop! yay!

who wouldn't want to buy such cute, colorful pouches right!?

famous blogger Camille Co for SM Accessories. SPOTTED!

oh yes! I found myself SPOTTED! hehe

those metallic accessories are timeless!

the charming and ever jolly Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla for SM Accessories. SPOTTED!

after an hour of choosing, of course, got to buy some hair accessories. so what are you guys waiting for? hurry! go to your nearest SM branch now and see the bests of SM accessories that they can offer to you because just like their song, "here @ SM! we got it all for you!"

also check out this official page :)

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