Sunday, September 16, 2012


Went to Gaisano Mall last Saturday night w/ my family (except for my brother who was
having his outing w/ his friends) after my class. bought some personal stuffs for ourselves
and before we got out, happened to visit Gaisano's newest store VENTE! the place was so
cozy and cool especially that their walls were filled w/ light blue wallpapers!

Vente doesn't literally mean all the prices in there is 20php but at least 20php! what  I
noticed was that most of their products don't go beyond 50php, ASTIG! and damn! how
could you say "no no" to buy something from their store every time you get there!? from the
kids' choices of assortment up to the youths'? WAAAAAH! here are few photos of what their
store got that caught my attention! 


 and more earrings! 

here's a saleslady who obviously got alarmed by me taking photos in sly in there. HAHA!
anyway, cool sunnies and "pa-kyut lang" eyeglasses costs only P50.00!

pony tails and other hair ties... something I need na ngayon since my hair is growing quite fast :)

other girl stuffs and the kids' toys at the right side!

 earrings, bracelets and bangles... kaloka! very affordable yet  conspicuously fashionable!

my baby sister who said "stop that (taking photo of me) ate!" #BasaganNgTrip anyway, I
think the man you see in this photo is the owner of Vente..

mom paying at the cashier... can't wait for you to see the sunnies I bought in Vente! yay! :)

come and visit VENTE! there's a lot to see that emphatically would satiate your eyes!


  1. Wow ha. 20 pesos lng tlga? Saang gmall to sis? I'm from Davao kasi.
    Let me know sis ha..
    Check out my blog:

    1. CDO sis.. sa CM Recto Lapasan.. main gmall sa CDO..

      will check your blog out.....

  2. Wow, amazing place :) I'm following you now on Bloglovin :) Do you have a GFC to follow?

    1. awww thanks! followed you back! let's keep updated w/ each other! :)

  3. Havey! Yes sis, if you love accessories but afraid of spending too much, this is one of the best store to go! Hehe, kaya lang then nearest vente store samin ay sa ay megamall pa. Excited to see the things you've got there! - Pretty Thrifty

    1. awww thanks jenny! naman! so saya that they got fashionable, as in hindi puchu-puchu, accessories at very low prices! :)

  4. Very colorful:) nice solution for accessories in a small budget.
    Following you with Bloglovin:)

  5. Hahah! nakakabadtrip tlga ung mga sales lady na mahilig mansita whenever we take pictures. Don't they know that we are providing them with free advertising? Hmm.. I'll look for Vente here in cebu.. sana meron.. I see some stuff in your pictures that I want to check out.

    1. haha.. may iilan kaseng di maka gets why we take pics inside their store.
      akala siguro nila kokopyahin yung products nila. haha