Friday, March 15, 2013


so bakit nga ba ako nahumaling sa KFC Streetwise? and when did it all started?

when I got in college, it's a normal thing that at times, I get to eat outside the school with my
classmates and other college friends. I've tried different favorites from different fast food
restaurant chains and now I can say that KFC is indisputably my most choice among them all!

despite it's a world class, KFC never failed to offer menus that's just enough for such
budgeting students like me. and that's what we call #KFC #streetwise kaya naman
I felt sooo kilig nung nalaman kong my "(imaginary.. HAHA!) boyfriend" Daniel Padilla is
#KFC #streetwise 's official endorser! ahem ahem! teehee :D

so here are the  #KFC #streetwise we ordered:

 my besh Kristeele chose "flavor shots." at P50.00 only, may kasama nang drinks.

I had chicken fillet burger w/ drink for only P50.00.

then, I chose an "add on" of fries for only P20.00.

oh frienemy appetite of mine! please stop tempting me and wishing to see my body like hell big! HAHA!

I swear! my company, besh Kristeele Joy handed me three small full containers of gravy!
she just knew that I am crazy over gravy! hehe...

the damage has been done after 20 minutes. hehehe... :P

everyone, meet my cute chinita besh, Kristeele Joy :)

the dinner w/ besh was totally fun! she had me laughtrip whenever she ask me not to
upload our video dancing Harlem Shake w/ two of her classmates! HAHAHA!

until next time bebehs! :)


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    1. haha! thanks for dropping by blackberryfashion!
      it's always a pleasure to know you're visiting my blog
      when in fact you have a lot of followers! stay that sweet! :)

  2. I love kfc too! Especially their fries! :) I think masaag jud ko sa kfc at least once every two weeks. And their flavor shots are a great idea. Perfect when you're on a budget and you want to eat something delicious. :)

  3. OMG!! KRC fries are the best! NAGUGUTOM NA AKO!!!