Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Last Saturday was definitely a night filled with fun and unforgettable moments of mine
together with my classmates and friends in college! spent the night for our Graduation Ball
with a masquerade theme! we did a lot of crazy things like we've never done before!!!

a close up solo of mine I took while just sitting down w/ my table mates. had my make up
done at Rollie's Beauty Salon located @ El Salvador City :) 

just ate right amount of food during the dinner. didn't want to do gluttony since the event
was formal. hahaha!

nakakaloka! my classmate Aiko Java was one of the scene stealers of the night!
she worn a very sexy and reaveling gown then ramp like Anne Curtis!

Jennifer(in flesh), Janice(in red) and Jessa(in pink) were my dates that night! they were
the sweetest girls! so much fun when I'm with them! there's no running out of words at all!

inside the hotel elevator and our room after the party... 

more pics from our room...

"feeling like a Royal Family" pictorial after the party...

I know! I looked like a bride on my gown but haha! naloka ako sa reaction ng karamihan!
I rocked on my gown daw like a Kate Middleton! LOL!

with a new but very good friend "Pong" :)

after the party, went to DeKalsada(a funky type of bar.. haha) and there's where our silly
and more crazy doings started! if you just know what we did! hahaha!

indeed, totally enjoyed the night and that's definitely one of the best days in my life!
yay! can't wait for our graduation naman! hehe :)))


  1. Pretty look you have there! :) Congratulations!

    1. thank you so much michymichymoo!
      truly, I'm excited for our graduation this 3rd of April! :)

  2. Congratulations Laviña! looks like you had lots of fun :D you looked very pretty :D


    1. thanks thanks Steph-G! naman!
      we definitely had a lot of fun! superb fun! :)

  3. Congratulations!!! :) You look like a princess, amazing dress and make up, everything is perfect :)

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    1. thanks blackberryfashion! that's so sweet of you! :)

  4. Such a lovely post ^_^

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    Many kisses,



    1. thanks Nicoleta_B! done following you back! XOXO! :)