Friday, March 8, 2013


funny how I've been longing for an Excel Paris matte lip cream and now only that I was able
to buy a piece of it. hehe... been seeing people I know who use it and good reviews I read
from different blogs I follow. finally! I have one na talaga! hehe... opt for a neon pink matte
lip cream and I thought that was such a great great choice of mine :)

the following were mobile uploads.. :)

my top is from SW... a merchandise that offers the coolest yet affordable products of the
latest trend of bags, dresses, tops and shoes! SW has 2 branches in Cogon, CDO. one is
two buildings away from Ace while the other one is just beside National Bookstore.

and I think, pairing my top w/ my red jeans is one right decision :)

here are three of my close up photos, which I rarely take, showing I really had much fun with
Excel Paris matte lip cream... yay! :)


  1. I have this! In fact I bought most of the colors and now I regret it. 4 are still unopened. It's very photogenic though. But not great for everyday wear. I love your top. It's almost... It makes me think of candies.

    1. thanks Ile! the first time I saw the top, I thought it was cute! hehe.. :)

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    1. Thanks blackberryfashion! That's so sweet of you! :)

  3. That's a beautiful lip color! I just came across your blog and I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog and (if you like) following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! XX

    1. hi Sixth Tractate! following you now on bloglovin too!
      let's keep in touch and stay updated by commenting on
      each other's post! God bless! :)