Thursday, November 8, 2012


The loss of a loved one turns our life upside down. Our world as we knew it has changed and
those changes require that we in turn adjust to a new "normal." - anonymous

last Nov. 1, Halloween, I together with my relatives on my father's side, went to El Salvador
cemetery to pay respect and visit our loved ones that have died.  They are Mama Gaga(grandma),
Papa Lucio(grandpa), Mama Aida and my Kuya Agosto. He died when he was born.

all of the lights. the effect of the flame that those candles bring when spotted quite far away.

I personally lit candles for Kuya Agosto. we may didn't had any chance to be w/ each other
even for a second but I know in my heart he mean so much to our family. 

Ate Jai, Noynoy(my brother) & Kuya Lub

Kuya Lub w/ my baby sister Powkitah

w/ cousins Ate Ai & Niña

before we left the cemetery, my cousin Kokong created "highlighting drama"

our Halloween visit to our loved ones that have died turned out
to be fun despite of the sweat we had because it was really sultry that afternoon.


  1. It's cool how Filipinos "celebrate" the day of the dead. It just shows that our culture values family ties indeed.

    1. that's right Ile! Filipinos make things lighter instead of being too emotional or dramatic.
      one good thing about us. hehe

  2. Cute oufit! kahit nasa cemetery :D

    1. hehe.. thank you Steph-G!
      I just tried not to look too fashionistah in the cemetery pero presentable pa rin. HAHA

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    1. thank you! followed you on bloglovin too :)

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