Sunday, July 28, 2013


since the hashtag #Selfie is getting popular more and more each day(char!), here are a couple
of selfies in different categories I wanna share with you. I hope you don't unfollow my blog
after this. yes, I hope so. HAHAHA!

                                               The DALAGA KA NA PALA TEH! selfie

                                  The GOOD & RESPONSIBLE DAUGHTER selfie

                             The SO ENJOYING MY SUMMER! HOW ABOUT YOURS? selfie

                            The WOOHOO! I'M ENJOYING THIS PARTY selfie

                                           The EPIC FAIL. WHY POSE LIKE THIS ON YOUR CAR? SIRA ULO(insane/crazy)! selfie

                       The ARTISTIC KUNO selfie
                                            The WOW! MUKHANG ANAK MAYAMAN! MUKHA LANG. selfie

                                           The GRADUALLY FLIRTING YOU selfie

                                            The I'M SCARED! I NEED TO POST HOW I LOOK LIKE! OH REALLY? selfie

                            The BABY PRETTY-LOOKING. OH! I'M REALLY CUTE! (sh*t to that) selfie

                                           The IDEAL GIRL OF YOUR MOM FOR YOU (another sh*t to that) selfie

                         The NATURALLY/BORN TO BE PRETTY (kapal! in English, how thick is my face. hahaha!) selfie

and with this post, I ask for your enough kindness to share your one favorite #Selfie photo.
I'm actually planning to post it here on my blog cause I think it's gonna be interesting! :)
for sending your #Selfie photo, please send it to my e-mail address ... XOXO :*


  1. I rarely take selfies, and even if I did they never come out good :P But I like your spirit in the selfies, Lavina! Hope your summer's going good :)Mine is okay, but I'm kinda stuck between a few chapters for my book :/

    Have a great Sunday!


  2. Oh you fantastically beautiful lady you. Such amazing and fun shots. Your goofy ones are so cute and priceless and some of the others...just all about the WOW!!! That morning one with the fan? That smile? So gorgeous and radiant! And the flirty look, my goodness, lucky is the person that ever gets that pointed their way for real. That shot I stopped on a long time. Sigh! Thanks so much for sharing these. Wished they just kept going, so sad when they were over.

  3. not so much on my own selfies hehe...I think I did 3 so far pa lang. Anyway, my favorite is here is the "electric fan effect" selfie..

  4. I'm still allergic to the term, but I know I'm going to give in in a few months. I'm always initially allergic to popular expressions. like "char". I used to hate it but now I use it all the time.

    Also you know how most people love accompanying self-portraits with quotes and though-provoking lines? At least the #selfie tag gives a warning.

    A Hint of Sunlight