Tuesday, December 10, 2013


in celebrating their 20th anniversary, Parokya Ni Edgar (the no. 1 Filipino band of all time) has released
its official album which they called BENTEGrabe lang! this band seems to be the longest running band in
the Philippine history ever! NUKS! and who the hell would want their band to end when they are the
toughest yet funnest band to compete or to listen to! many bands nowadays come and go in just a matter
of time. but this band? "Samahang Walang Katulad!"and I guess that's their secret they are the most
influential, respected and anticipated Philippine band ever! their band has always sat the bar high in
a different way! and personally, I guess the best thing about them is that they're not after the talent
fee at all! all they want is to have fun fun fun but of course, they earn money from it. hehehe... :P
and oh please! let me just say this! I F*CKING LOVE YOU PAROKYA NI EDGAR! wooohooo! ❤  

to listen to their 20th anniversary's official soundtrack, you can watch the video here. :D

also, please do LIKE their fan page here and here ... THANK YOU!  ❤  

Ooooops! sorry! here are some of their old old old photos na kahit ako eh tawang tawa
habang kina-copy-paste ko! anyway, I love this band. HAHAHA! :P #BumawiKaagad


  1. Cool to have images of a band you like. Enjoy your weekend doll.