Sunday, June 15, 2014


Blogger Awards!

Say what!? OMG! I can’t believe this! Will be celebrating my blog’s 3rd year anniversary! 3 years when
I welcomed my dear readers here on my blogOh gosh! Who would have thought that I can really pursue
my dreams of being a happy and carefree blogger? Thanks to all my readers! You are my multivitamins
that I’m able to think what to post and truly inspire me to do better every time. 3 years ago, I didn't know
what posts to put up on my blog. All I know is that I wanted to have an online diary of my life but of course
not too personal (online nga diba? HAHA!). For the first year, I was scared. Yes I was. What if no one
actually cares about my blog? What if they hate my posts? What if they think an 19 year old (I was at that time)
girl’s blog is not worth dropping by? Bunch of WHAT IF.

Even now, things for me are surreal. Indeed, it was never an easy occurrence. Isn't it amazing how
my readers now tell me that they appreciate my posts? Compare it when I didn't receive any feedback
or comment of my first 8 posts. Probably because I didn't have even a single reader at that time. HAHA!
Believe me when I say you guys really make me smile! From all the happenings in my life
that I got to share to you through my blog, I can say that you were a big and great part of it.

Remember when I said here about my mother’s diagnosed cancer last year?  A lot of you were there
to show concern and prayers for her. You overwhelmed our family especially my mother. Unfortunately,
we lost her 3 days after my birthday. Losing Mommy Gina last year was the hardest and I had to stop
blogging for a month. After that, you never left me which made me cry. Haaaaaaaaaay! I miss my mom.

Okay, I need to stop from crying for now. I know mom won’t like to see me cry.

Going back to my blog’s 3rd year anniversary, I am happy to announce that I will be releasing
my “1st MALDITAH FREESTYLISTAH Blogger Awards!” I think this is the best way for me to convey
my words of gratitude to all of you who routinely and continuously visit my blog and leave cheerful
and delighted comments and feedback. For the list of awards and awardee, I will be posting it on the
next few days. Once again, thank you and God bless us all! CHEERS TO 3 YEARS AND MORE ! ! ! ! !

btw, here are the awards I will be announcing SOON! yay! :D

Minor awards
* loyalty award
* inspiring blog and blogger award
* sensible blog award
* cheerful blogger award

Major awards
*Malditah Freestylistah Choice for Favorite Food Blog
*Malditah Freestylistah Choice for Favorite Lifestyle Blog
*Malditah Freestylistah Choice for Favorite Fashion Blog
*Malditah Freestylistah Choice for Blogger of the Year



  1. Cool Award I have not heard of this one congrats.

  2. hey sweetie!

    you have fantastic style! love the details of your outfits! they are just wow!!!!

    let's stay in touch ! just like y fb page
    and find me on bloglovin

    I will follow you right back hun:)