Thursday, December 25, 2014


few Saturdays ago when my classmates and I went to our classmate Dante's thanksgiving celebration 
because  he finally passed the licensure examination for teachers. nakakaloka how I got to his place
knowing that I've never been there and the worst is I went to his place ALONE! it took me like 10 minutes
 just to get there riding a "padyak" from the highway.

Flor made it just in time... before we left. HAHA! nakahabol! lol
then I had an apparent short photo shoot outside Dante's house ... haha
after celebrating Dante's achievement, me and some of my girls went to DE KALSADA
 to have more fun! Girls Night Out! YAY! :))))
Carms, Pashyyy, Laviña
Jen, Janice, Flor
US GIRLS love De Kalsada! CHOS! HAHA! #akalamonamanendorserlol
kung maka pa-effect naman ako sa photo na 'to, akala mo naman kinuhang endorser ng
 De Kalsada! HAHA


  1. What fabulous photos! Looks like you had an amazing time. Love those green pants! :) T.

  2. lovely