Wednesday, January 14, 2015


2014 has genuinely been a great year for me. got to create much wonderful and fun
memories with my family, friends, relatives and students as well. been also through a lot of
struggles and fears yet I can say that I am still willing to face new challenges in life. Indeed, a
life without a mother that you used to talk, laugh and argue with is such an unhappy and
unfortunate moment in a child's life. the feeling is actually somber. but with the love and
support of my dad, brother and sister, I think Mommy Gina is still giving me a reason to
smile. I know she wants us her family to always do. awww, I Love You mom! ;')

by any means, here are my 14 favorites from my 2014 outfits which I all posted here on my
 blog. ENJOY! <3

year 2014 has also made me realize that becoming a teacher isn't as easy as how people,
specially students, think about it. it takes a lot of courage, strength and perseverance to be
able to do what a teacher is supposed to do. lesson plans, class record, modules, being a club
moderator! all that and more! but you know what's the terrific thing about being a teacher
that I am positively thankful for? that is I found an additional family in my life! my students
who puts happy expression on my face when I'm about to frown. isn't that so sweet of them? 

OH GOD! thank you for this life! a big part of me and my family may had been gone when 
we lost the light of our home but surely God gives His every child a reason to live life and
 cherish it the most.