Friday, May 8, 2015


(A Mother’s Day Special Post)

GINA CHU-JAMPIT. When I was still a kid, my mom would always remind me to take care
of my studies because education was really an important matter to her. Growing up, I know
my mom was really strict in terms of rules inside or home and our curfew when we go out
with friends. Just like any other girls out there, I was never a perfect daughter and sister.
There were times when I would feel she’s too controlling. She would scold me whenever she
find me fighting with my siblings. At first, I really don’t get that and I find it unfair. Now that
I am at this point in my life, I learned that everything she did to me was just alright.
My mother wasn’t perfect but she gave her best to instill in us, her family, that responsibilities
weren't made just because you want to implement it and that the family members need to do it.
It’s actually her way of keeping us better persons as we grow.

I must say that my mom has
been so strong when she was still alive. Her strength and dedication to whatever she does
make me realize that there are still a lot of things for me to learn in this chaotic world of ours.
I’m surely honest when I tell you that she really has the heart for different kind of people
most especially for the needy. Her heart was a pure red and gold.

I’m 110% confident to say
that my mother was faithful and loyal to my father in the almost 30 years that God has given
them together, the same way my father was to my mother. If there is one thing that I’ll be
forever proud about my mom, that is her way of living her life. She was probably the most
hard-working person I’ve ever known and hey I’m no bias at all when I said that. No matter
how tired she is for the day, she ends up cracking jokes that makes the people around her
laugh so much. Lakas maka good vibes ni Mommy Gina! Today, this post is all for her. To
our one and only MOMMY GINA. We may have lost her for almost two years now but she
will forever be in our hearts. Yeap, may forever! “MOMMY GINA, thank you for all the
memories and the moments you have shared with us. I am so grateful for having you in our
lives. I can’t imagine growing up if that was any other woman or mother. I pray that in the
future, I can somehow be the mother to my kids that you were to us. You surely own our hearts.

***And just to give you guys a trivia, 2 weeks ago, I dreamed about mom. All we did was just
hug, kiss and laugh at each other. I even actually cried in my dreams and oooops, when I
woke up, I realized that even before I woke up, I already had teardrops on my face. Awwwp,
I miss my MOMMY GINA! I’ll forever do!***


  1. What a sweet tribute to your mom :)

  2. Woah... Your Mum is like mine. But now i truly understand why she is strict on us her kids. Nice pix!

    1. most of the strict moms are actually the deepest loving moms :)

  3. beautiful pics dear....

  4. i love all the looks! you are totally fabulous! :)
    love, liz