Monday, February 11, 2013


sabi nga nila, "live your life to the fullest." and I think that's what I did a week ago during our
university(Mindanao University of Science & Technology) days, lalo na't this is my last year
and semester in college! hehe.. really had fun from the first day up to the last! of course,
it wouldn't be possible if not with the people I love the most in my college days,
my BESHes!!! :)

here's the following photos almost arranged from day 1 up to day 4!

I hope everyone also enjoys their school activities as much as I did! definitely no regret
from all the things we did! although really got a tad bit naughty during the last night
of the university days! HAHA! God bless everyone! ENJOY! :)


  1. i love those posts:)
    the pink nail color from my 'spring nail polishes' is a douglas one..i don't know the name:/ but you find those colors in every drugstore or perfumery :)
    xo :)

    1. Thanks Kiki! And thanks for updating bout the nail polish! :)