Sunday, February 3, 2013


April 16, 2012 when Princess and I started airing on the television. even before that date,
millions of Filipinos especially the teenagers and people w/ line of 20s in their age said that
the show's indeed an anticipated one. In the 9 months of airing it not just on the Philippines
but as well as worldwide, the people loved the casts of it even more! Truly, different
characters caused different deliveries in the POVs of the kapamilyas all over the world! The
poeple loved the characters of Ashi Bihati, King Anand, Dinoy, Kiko, Jao and of course the
characters of the most popular and loved love-team in their generation,
Daniel Padilla & Kathryn Bernardo. the KathNiel!
before the finale episode started, ABS showed DJ's piece on Himig Handog 2013 entitled
"Nasa Iyo Na Ang Lahat!"

twitter world getting crazy over the Princess & I finale seconds before it started!!!

Gino & Mikay together facing the worst Ashi Bihati and confused(at that moment) Jao...

the Princess Areeyah & her father King Anand scene that moved us so much and made us cry ;(

while watching, I was wearing my DRCDO tee :))) #happy&proud

tweeting and keeping being updated as much as I can while watching the finale episode! hehe... 

that night, sat the logo of Princess & I as my desktop wallpaper...

last picture credits to @KBbuddies via twitter :)

of course! filled with joy from the finale of PAI! King Anand got back his throne
and the peace and love for  the Kingdom of Yangdon prevailed...
Gino & Mikay finally got together being in-love
like never that sweetest! teehee... and they lived happily ever after!


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