Thursday, August 22, 2013


I went to Coffeework's newest branch which is just here in our place in El Salvador.
The branch just opened a month ago. Well, it's a 10 minute ride from our house with a
motorcycle. I went with two(I have four) of my closest friends since the 6th grade. Just
when I opened their door, I instantly smelled the mouth watering aroma of different
coffees the crews were preparing!

"This Cagayan de Oro homegrown coffee shop is owned by Ms. Roselle Paras. But the El Salvador
Branch is franchised by the Perez Family, the same franchisee of Coffeeworks Iligan City." -

Alma and I ordered Iced Mocha... it was okay but I liked its chocolate syrup
the most. hehe...

Madell ordered Iced Cappuccino..

The only view outside the coffee place since it is located at the Shell Station just along the
national highway. Notice the simplicity of their tables & chairs which I loved!



yours truly. hehe.. :)

As always, really had fun talking with my girls! btw, our dear Alma(in black top) got married
last August 10 and finally we were complete on that very special day of hers. Notice her big
stomach which contains her baby! yay! can't wait to be a ninang(godmother) of her child! hehe :)))


  1. What a cool looking place to hang out and get some java. So well-decorated and comfortable looking. And I just adore that picture of you sweetie. Such a lovely lady and that wonderful smile of yours. Sigh! So amazing!

  2. It looks very welcoming, the interiors gives a lot of relevant atmosphere for a coffee drinker, also I like the cultural mural which is a huge point of interest for travelers! Now, I've got to taste the coffee which is it's main attraction=)

    1. true(the interiors gives a lot of relevant atmosphere for a coffee drinker)! :)

  3. The place look lovely, I like their pictures on the wall. I'm a coffee person and I like to stop in a nice coffee shop for a big cup of coffee.
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Dusana :-)

    1. I also do! I'm a fan of coffees and teas! sure, we can follow each other once you visit my blog :)

  4. This looks like a wonderful place! The drinks look really yummy and you and your friends seem to be really happy :) Great blog, feel free to check out mine, xoxo

    1. hi Laura! thanks for getting here on my blog! let's keep in touch? :)

  5. I've seen the coffee shop, when we passed by.. Great! I think the ambiance is good..

    1. thanks for dropping by on my blog irish. :)

  6. cool place!

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  7. I smell that coffee aroma just reading your post and looking at the pictures:-)
    hugs from New York,
    Ask Erena