Friday, November 15, 2013


The first time I saw my ultimate crush(Daniel Padilla)'s newest tvc with KFC, syempre I really
got excited and KILIG! hahaha... but of course na-curious din ako if how a crispy butter chicken
really taste. kaya naman! I definitely opted for it as my lunch last Saturday during my review
@ St. Louie's Review Center. just to let everyone know, I am taking my LET exam on January
of next year and yes I am so nervous about it! huhuhu! HAHA! so anyway, here's my short
review(since I am not a food blogger...hehe) about KFCs' Crispy Butter Chicken :)

for only P99.00, on my plate was KFCs' Crispy Butter Chicken with their newest butter rice 
mixed with a little bit of carrots. it was also served with gravy and mashed potato which has
some corn kernels on top. and of course a softdrink w/ any of your choice cause a meal is
never complete sans a drink, right!?:)

Crispy Butter Chicken's taste was definitely conscientious on its hashtag tagline #BetterWithButter !
the sapidity of the chicken which was marinated and breaded with butter pretty much gave me
surprise cause I never thought a Crispy Butter Chicken would really taste like that! lasap na lasap! :D

and just to expose our faces again since this is my online diary. who cares!? HAHA! :P


  1. Haven't tried the chicken yet. After my diet, I guess. :)

    1. hehe... lakas din kase maka cholesterol ng chicken. anyway, GO for it after your diet :)

  2. What a difference between our KFC and yours. We do not have rice as a choice and I have not heard of a butter chicken yet. Hopefully it makes its way over here because it looks wonderful :)

    1. hehe.. hopefully, you'll experience that kind of meal in your country :)


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