Friday, November 15, 2013


after enrolling @ St. Louie Review Center, Rachel and I felt hungry cause it was almost 
time for lunch. good thing we went to Centrio Ayala and found this small bistro offering
really good taste of Mexican foods and snacks!

small place with a pretty set-up :)

honestly, we enjoyed reading the notes hanged on the wall...

TACO CRUMBLE really tastes good and healthy but I just really hate the fact
that its container was a little crumple too. presentation please! hmmm...
according to Rachel, the QUESADILLAS tastes just fine but we both hated that it was served
in a paper plate. I mean duuuh!? the staff should know it's not appropriate for the order.

the MEXICAN GRILLED BURGER is definitely  a must try! it was soooo delish and surprisingly,
I didn't felt like there was a cheese on it! which I liked. hehe... the lettuce was also good
although I had to remove some parts of the capsicum cause I really can't take its taste.

remember Rachel? she was my date during the recent Rockfest Concert in CDO.
I will always love this girl! ;') *sigh*

and because I got inspired with Taco Bistro's foods, I really took a moment to make
my own simple nachos at home. and here it is....

happy girl over here! until next post beloved followers! XOXO! :*****


  1. You can also substitute lettuce to chips to make it healthier. :)

  2. These pictures are making me so hungry. Nice ones. You Can Enter For Leggings Giveaway On My Blog. Fashion Talks

    1. thanks Sandy! and will check out for that giveaway :)

  3. looks interesting, its hard to find good mexican places in the Philippines to be honest. the paper plate thing was really tacky of them.

    1. thanks Angel! true! they should have been more mindful of what their costumers would think about them! "boo" to that!

  4. The food looks wonderful but yeah they have no clue about how to serve it correctly. Like some hole in the wall presentation. And your nachos looked better than any of their food :)

    1. sadly, yes(they have no clue about how to serve it correctly). but bout my nachos, thanks shamu boo! that's so nice of you :)

  5. Wow, more tacos. Now I'm feeling hungry. Yum!

  6. Great choice! truly delicioso. :)


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