Saturday, June 2, 2012



in almost two years of keeping my hair long, I love how people would tell me
"hey! I like your hair!" or "wow! did you got a rebond?(never!)" I take those
compliments as an award for myself because keeping your hair long and healthy
is really a chore for me and it's not easy you know! especially that there are times
you get to be under the heat of the sun and so you also have the fear of getting
your hair unprotected.

the best thing about having a long hair is that you get to play with it in different ways
especially in my case that I am a blogger and stylist of my own. definitely people were
used to seeing me like having a long shiny hair.

Tuesday of last week, I woke up at 9am and really had a deep thinking about cutting my
hair. I mean IT'S A BIG DECISION! and I end up telling myself "I'll do it." @ 01:00pm, I
went to Rolly Tomarong Salon and in just 15 minutes it's done! my hair is now short! woah!

Voilà! THE NEW ME!

I know, it's going to be a big adjustment. almost two years is a way too long to achieve again
the long hair I use to have that I definitely loved. but for now, I would like to embrace this
opportunity to take experiment on how I can play and do my fashion activities having this
"short shiny hair" of mine. :)))


  1. Good for you. But I wouldn't cut my hair that short.haha. :)

  2. awww HAHA.. cutting your hair as short as I did is such a risk! heheh

  3. I love your new hair. I think it made you look younger. (I'm not saying you looked old before ha. ^_^). Uso short hair these days. Andaming celebs na nagpa-short hair e. Work it girl! ^_^


  4. awww thanks! I'll really try my best to work on this new hair of mine. sabi nga ng tita ko I looked thin(cause I'm not. HAHA!)in my hair and I also think the same way. :)

  5. It was a big risk ..haha..i cant do that!!

  6. yes! such a big risk! call me maybe.. joke! call me disgrasyada! HAHA :)

  7. You are adorable with your hair any length. A natural, sweet beauty!