Sunday, June 10, 2012


no background or before-details chorvas. straight to the issue.

few seconds before the announcement, I was already typing my tweet to congratulate our very own Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao for a sport performance well done not until Michael Buffer (the announcer, so he was innocent) that Timothy Bradley won, yeah damn got the belt. so what can I actually say about the Pacquiao Bradley fight's result earlier? Disgusting. Following the announcement of the decision, the crowd, who were generally in support of Pacquiao, loudly booed the decision. I remember Kris Aquino said in The Buzz that 95% of the crowd in the arena was for Manny. Obviously because the world saw the entire rounds so we actually know who deserves the title. and it's definitely and totally not Bradley but Pacquiao. and I tweeted:  "yes. the people expected for a slugfest. and today we are seeing a hugfest in the action of bradley. oh well!  "

and for the record, look at the tally of records!

anyway, these are the following tweets I retweeted on twitter showing how the world was convinced that Manny won the fight:

: Holy shit.
: Bradley did NOT deserve that win!!!! This is a disgrace!
: Congrats to the new winner but I'm still really upset about the results :(
: What an embarrassing night for Boxing. Shit looked like the WWF. Pac Man and Jinky deserved to go home happy.
Manny was holding back his tears. But I am so humbled - that he was still praising God even if the decision wasn't in his favor. Iba sya.
ang LABO, pare.
: WHY?? Pacman had more punches. 

well, I'm not making this post of mine any longer since I'm still in my recovery process.
anyway there are some defeats more triumphant than victories.


  1. I don't understand why I feel so indifferent to the result. I think there's really gonna be a rematch. ^_^


  2. yeap, I heard the rematch is expected to happen either on October or November. :)

  3. there's something wrong with the fight. bob arum will not have a rematch unless an investigation is made.

  4. aww he actually said yesterday that he's willing to take the judges to an optical clinic where the optometrist is his friend. he said there must be really be wrong w/ their visual systems.

  5. Everyone's mourning about this. I was thinking of writing something about this myself. but nah. It comes to a point where we'll just have to accept what happened, knowing that justice will be served soon. And seeing how Manny was able to gracefully act despite the result, I'm more proud of him than before. People also admired him more.

  6. yes. Manny was just so humble to say that he respects the result even if he knows in his self that he is truly the winner. now that is what make the people love him even more.

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    1. PacMan totally owned the fight. Everyone reacted badly when Bradley won.


  8. definitely! pacman and not bradley deserve the cheer of the crowd. anyway, the people in the arena booed bradley. that's what he deserved.