Friday, June 22, 2012

(Things You Should Know About Me)

what's up!? and what's up with me?
so tomorrow, I am actually turning 20 but correction, it should be spelled as "twenTEEN" hehehe.... there's just that feeling on me that I wanna feel forever teen. If only procrastinating time would be possible. hehe. so before that day come, here are just 20 things about me I've always wanted to share to you. :)
(note: not in particular order)

1. I love surf pop because of Beach House, Best Coast and Cults!
2. I can only cook rice, fried egg and adobo.
3. I imagine myself as the Princess of France. HAHA!
4. I hate cheese!
5. my favorite colors are violet, black&white, gold and silver.
6. I'm an Anne Hathaway and Alexa Vega fan ever since I knew them.
7. Fresh Lumpia is a relaxing food for me. I don't know why.
8. I had my first bf when I was 15 but the serious one was when I was 17. hehe...
9. I've been tweeting on my twitter since I was 18.
10. I block bashers on twitter and facebook. they should have been more careful. HAHA!
11. I love walking around our house barefoot.
12. I take 30 minutes on the bath and if I keep on singing while taking a bath, it takes an hour before I get out of the bathroom.
13. I'm irritated with irritating people.
14. I love my followers on twitter and of course the people I follow..
15. the song I first learned with my daddy is "Please Be Careful With My Heart" which was originally sung by Jose Mari Chan.
16. I love Beyonce, Rihanna and Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Katy Perry and Drake!
17.  I am a proud daddy's girl.
18. I have a blog.
19. (in particular order!) Daniel Padilla, Frank Magalona, Derrick Monasterio and Paolo Pascual are my imaginary boyfriends. hehe....


  1. i love this entry *-* aaand haaappy birthdaay :*

  2. I love cheese. Hehe.

    Happy birthday! ^_^


  3. Happy Birthday to you! :)

    Hahaha! I block people from facebook din. People na ayaw kong nakikita. :)

  4. thanks Ile!

    naman! I don't "entertain" bashers and haters HAHA!

  5. Cool facts. I'm sure you will learn to cook other things as times passes. I do agree to blocking bashers; they honestly have nothing better to do, or they wouldn't spend their precious time bashing people. And I also imagine myself as a Princess from my own land!

  6. I did not know I was writing to the queen of France. I will be nicer to you :) Very sweet facts from an adorable lady :)