Monday, July 9, 2012


(sorry for the blurry pictures. Robert, a besh of mine, took these pictures near 4pm cause that was our off for that day. I know, bad timing. hehe)
you may have noticed that I don't wear pink stuffs tops in my older posts. The reason is simply because I am not a fan of pink because I think it's too girly and people who knows me well know I'm just cool but I don't like being too pa-girl. hehe. so why worn pink in here? it may sound funny but I just decided to try wearing a pink top because I have always been curious what I would look like wearing a pink top and the first thing that came into my mind is actually a pink sheer blouse. so here it is. :)

(feeling so sexy back and airy)

bag - Apt 9
wedge - Venus
Skinny Jeans - Levi's
earrings - Aizilym


  1. thanks Momma Mina! hehe.. so funny nga eh kase my classmates teased me w/ my top and they said I was so pa-girl. lol!

    thanks Orange Pulps! the belt I worn looks just simple yet fortunately it made the entire outfit looking a little bit classy hehe.. :)


  2. I really like the animal-printed collar with the pink blouse. So cute.
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  3. hi Bonnie! oh, the sheer blouse.. thanks :)

  4. wow. with matching "wind on the hair" pa ha?

    Love the top though. salmon pink is it? It's not really too gurly. may animal print naman so mejo edgy rin

  5. oh hi Ile! hehe.. wind the hair nga.. yeah, you're right. nakatulong yung animal print to make the look not too pa.girl.. yun naman ang pambawi. hehe..... :)

  6. I so love your earrings! :)Pink looks good on you so I think you should wear it more often. :D

    Although I agree naman na ma-girly talaga ang pink. Yung sister ko nga, she hates pink samantalang ako, I so love pink (check out my blog pa). Lol! Pero kung san ka mas comfortable na color, go lang girl! :)

  7. But you look sooo pretty in pink, I think you should wear it more!

    Your top reminds me of Chanel and love the animal print collar!


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  8. thanks 20 York Street! that is such a pleasure to be hearing it from you! your blog is such an inspiration to all the novice bloggers like me :)